Top 10 Signs your ‘Telematics’ Project is Failing: Sign 2

Sign #2: Ambiguous project requirements and goals

Take control of the project. Assign a project manager who collaborates directly with key departmental stakeholders from Risk & Safety, Operations, Human Resources, Fleet Management, and Finance to define specific detailed project requirements that have tangible, measurable, ROI.  While this seems obvious, many companies will skip this stage and go right to applying a solution to jump start a project.  In-vehicle technology solution providers are constantly soliciting their services to companies with fleet vehicles. This is not a commodity market and not all solutions are equal.

The impacts to your employees, culture, and financial return vary significantly from supplier to supplier.  Don’t assume requirements (such as project controls, management dashboards, application functionality, data, enterprise integration, measurements, policy, and workflow) are met.  ‘Telematics’ and other similar projects tend to fail and the companies usually encounter over spending, project restarts, rework, and/or unmet expectations. Many of you reading this – have a “trash heap” of in-vehicle technology past projects.