Top 10 Signs your ‘Telematics’ Project is Failing: Sign 3

Sign #3: The Project starts with “a couple free devices”

Frequently the technology vendor will show up and say “how about we set you up with a few free boxes?” Sounds great, right?  Maybe not.  While it may be attractive from a project startup cost standpoint – it’s potentially the start of a project that goes nowhere.  Right from the start this approach focuses on “the device” not on the people, process, and measurable results. If the goal of the initiative is to improve the driving culture – how are we going to do that on a couple drivers with a couple free boxes? What will these drivers think of their supervisors? Why were they singled out? How is does this initiative support the organizational goals for the fiscal year? Generally, this approach is more about the supplier getting in your door, then it is about your likelihood of sustainable organizational and financial results from an initiative.