Top 10 Signs your ‘Telematics’ Project is Failing: The First Sign

There are many reasons that could cause your well intentioned foray into in-vehicle technology to fail.  I will be examining the top ten signs one by one in a weekly blog post.

Sign #1: You named the project “The GPS Program” or “The BlackBox Project”What’s in a name? Maybe everything if from the name employee’s decide what a project is an how it will affect them.  Every project that a company invests time and resources into gets broad organizational exposure. You hear the hallway grumbling about “this or that project” that the company has underway.

The name of the project can have serious impacts on what the organization thinks the project is and how it will effect employees (and management) personally. Let’s be clear – GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a technology component that is becoming a standard in everything from vehicles to mobile devices. Like a clock on a microwave, or on a coffee maker or DVD player – GPS is simply an input into adding location information to the things that we value. Imagine if your company embarked on an extensive upgrade to your information technology infrastructure to benefit employees and customers – and named the project “The CPU” project.

Pick a project name that creates excitement for your company and meaningfully represents the results that you are seeking everyone to participate in achieving. The “Driving Excellence Project”, “Driving Performance and Safety Program” or the “Drive Green Initiative” – for example.