Brake Fleet Safety Awards Extend GreenRoad’s Winning Season

Brake Fleet Safety Awards Extend GreenRoad’s Winning Season

GreenRoad is continuing its winning streak by collecting yet another prestigious industry award for excellence – this time, in partnership with its client, Iron Mountain. At the annual dinner of Brake, the road safety charity, GreenRoad and Iron Mountain were named as recipients of the Fleet Safety Partnership award.

The annual awards recognise organisations for their contributions to improving the safety of at-work drivers.

“Congratulations to Iron Mountain and GreenRoad for their success in winning our Fleet Safety Partnership Award for 2015. We received a record number of award entries this year, of a very high standard, so our winners should be very proud of their impressive results over the past year; keep up the good work,” said Brake spokesperson Ellie Pearson.

In the 4 years since Iron Mountain began working with GreenRoad, safety events have continued to fall steadily, after a sharp drop following installation of the system.  In 2014, Iron Mountain approached GreenRoad with the challenge of addressing instances of drivers exceeding speed limits in low speed zones. GreenRoad recommended adding their Posted Speed feature, which allows Iron Mountain to define and track speed events in accordance with limits set by road authorities.

The resulting changes in driving behaviour, indicated by an additional 20% drop in speeding events, was dramatic. In 2014, the total number of safety events recorded for Iron Mountain drives was a mere 1/5 of the number recorded before the GreenRoad System was implemented, representing real changes in driving behaviours. By the end of 2014, Iron Mountain vehicles were recording an all-time low of less than 1 speed limit violation every two weeks, on average.

For more details about how Iron Road reduced vehicle incidents, insurance premiums and fuel costs, check out the newly updated GreenRoad-Iron Mountain Case Study.

In addition to the Fleet Safety Partnership award, GreenRoad was Highly Commended for the Brake Fleet Safety Product Award. GreenRoad was recognized for the broad fleet management and performance capabilities that complement its core driving behaviour system, as well as the impressive, measureable savings it delivers in the areas of liability, fuel consumption, insurance premiums, wear and tear and, of course, safety.

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