Our Customers Just Keep on Winning…

Our customers’ award roll continues, this time with transport group Stagecoach winning the Sustainability Award at the 2013 Scottish Business Insider and PricewaterhouseCoopers Scotland Plc Awards.

This award recognises a clear commitment to sustainable practices. Stagecoach was praised for the measures it has taken to reduce its carbon footprint, promote sustainability among staff, and to encourage greater use of public transport through joint-working with other transport partners, as well as initiatives such as increasing bike spaces on vehicles and introducing Wi-fi services on buses which have helped to attract new users.

Awarding the honor to Stagecoach, the judging panel stated that “Sustainability is clearly within the DNA of Stagecoach” and said the transport group was playing a key role in encouraging wider use of public transport in general.

Stagecoach Group Director of Communications Steven Stewart said:

“To win this award for the second consecutive year is a real achievement and shows great recognition for the measures we have in place to become a greener and more sustainable business.”

“We have cut the carbon impact of our business by 20% in the past four years and we are continuing to take steps to further reduce our carbon footprint as well as highlighting to people the environmental – and financial – benefits of switching from the car to public transport.”

“Our staff are at the heart of making us a greener business and it’s great to see their efforts recognised through this award. ”

Stagecoach Group has cut the carbon intensity (kg CO2 per £ of turnover) of its businesses in the UK and North America by more than 20% in the past four years.
The Group is targeting an overall absolute reduction of 8% in carbon emissions from buildings and a cut of 3% in carbon emissions per vehicle mile from annual fleet transport by April 2014. Specific stretching targets have been set for each of its bus and rail businesses.

The strategy is supported by an £11 million green investment program. Employee initiatives and eco teams set up by staff have also helped drive dramatic improvements in energy and carbon efficiency.

Stagecoach initiatives underway in the UK alone include investing in a hi-tech eco-driving system, powered by GreenRoad, which is expected to reduce fuel consumption at the Group’s bus division by 4%. The scheme also offers employees the chance to earn “green points” that are converted into financial benefits from a potential £900,000 annual bonus pot.

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