D&G Bus Announce New Vehicles and GreenRoad Success



D&G Bus are pleased to announce the purchase of six new Optare Solos for use on services in Crewe, UK.  These buses are the 9.7m SR low-floor version, fitted with Mercedes Euro 5 engine; they have leather seats and WIFI installation, Mobitec electronic destination displays and CCTV cameras.

Four of the buses will be used on the new LSTF one1ink service, with the other two going onto D&G route 8 which connects Wistaston Green and Sydney with Crewe town center.

“As part of the bid for the one1ink service we had to provide four new buses; however we have taken the opportunity to improve our fleet by adding an extra two buses to the order” said D&G managing director David Reeves. “The LSTF bid is part of the All Change for Crewe initiative and we are proud to be part of that process”.

The new buses represent an investment by D&G of around £840,000.

D&G2-150x150On top of this, Mr Reeves is very pleased to be able to share some excellent news about the standard of driving achieved by three drivers at the Crewe bus garage.  Jerzy Mazurenko, Jan Ferenc and Mark Twigg have been selected as 2012 members of the GreenRoad Fleet Elite™ program, recognising the best fleet drivers on the road. Fleet Elite status is awarded to GreenRoad drivers who drive for over 500 hours and maintain a safety score of 5 or less for a full calendar year.  In 2012, less than 5% of the global GreenRoad driver base attained Fleet Elite status.

“We are extremely proud of our Fleet Elite drivers,” said Mr Reeves.  “By consistently applying the GreenRoad principles, these drivers have achieved Fleet Elite status and made the road a safer, greener place.  With every mile, they have reduced CO2 emissions, avoided accidents, and even extended the life of the vehicle.  On behalf of everyone at D&G, I extend my thanks and congratulations to these excellent drivers.”

Mr Reeves issued the Fleet Elite certificates to the drivers at a staff meeting on 3rdMarch at Crewe.

“It was an opportunity for the company to be able to make a fuss of their excellent drivers and to give them a small gift in recognition of their efforts” he said. “Keep it up guys!”