Dupré Logistics

Dupré Logistics needed an effective yet non-intrusive way to improve safety for 800 drivers without reducing driver productivity or increasing net costs.

Dupre Logistics are on the path to safer drivers with GreenRoad driver behavior.

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Dupré Logistics

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GreenRoad Driver Behaviour

The Challenge

Dupré Logistics LLC designs and delivers safe, diversified solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. Dupré has more than 1,000 team members. For Dupré Logistics, the level of safety achieved by its drivers is directly tied to the level of profitability achieved by the company.

“Beyond our obvious concerns about the welfare of our drivers and getting them home safely to their families, our safety record is central to our business,” said Tom Voelkel, President and COO of Dupré Logistics. “It contributes to our ability to win and keep customers, because they believe in doing business with a company that emphasizes safety. It also impacts the rates we pay for insurance, the wear and tear on our vehicles, even the fuel mileage.”

“The simple truth is, high-risk driving leads to crashes, and crashes can be astronomically expensive,” Voelkel said. “We take the attitude that all accidents are preventable, and we do everything we can to prevent them.”

Dupré Logistics needed an effective yet non-intrusive way to improve safety for 800 drivers without reducing driver productivity or increasing net costs

The Solution

After a wide search, Dupré Logistics selected GreenRoad for driver safety and fleet performance. Initially the company implemented their entire fleet using a phased approach. GreenRoad sensors detect 150 high risk manoeuvres in several categories. Each driver receives real-time, in-vehicle feedback.

Dupré’s management accesses web-based reports on each driver’s performance, so driving Behaviours can be tracked over time. This in turn allows the company to provide efficient, targeted training as needed.

Drivers’ scores initially improved 30 percent with their first set of drivers. After which Dupré implemented the GreenRoad system on all of its vehicles. For any real-world business, “safety at any cost” is not a realistic option. New technologies aimed at boosting safety must also be affordable and cost-efficient. According to Mr. Voelkel, GreenRoad made sense at all levels.

“We ran the numbers and concluded that if we could get just three tenths of a mile per gallon in fuel mileage savings with GreenRoad, it would pay for itself. Now that’s just the part of the equation you can quantify. The less tangible – but probably more important – part is the benefits you achieve through an improved safety record.”

“Our drivers log 40 million miles a year and 80 percent of our revenue involves hazardous materials. Safety has to be at the heart of our business. And GreenRoad is helping us go the extra mile for safety.”-Tom Voelkel President and COO, Dupré Logistics

The Result

Within a short time of rolling out GreenRoad across its fleet, Dupré Logistics significantly reduced accidents in all categories (rollovers, rear-ends, lane changes, intersections and minor accidents). The company has nearly eliminated risky driving Behaviours, thanks to a combination of GreenRoad’s in-vehicle feedback and targeted coaching. Dupré Logistics also improved fuel efficiency well beyond the .3 miles/gallon mandated by the Board of Directors.

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