Hours of Service

Safety and Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Increase road safety and avoid costly fines. GreenRoad in-vehicle hours of service (HOS) alerts let drivers know when it’s time to take a break or take a timely action. Getting started is simple – our mobile app makes GreenRoad easy to install and access using the same device drivers use for GPS tracking, routing and other workforce management applications.


Improve Safety, Reduce Driver Burden

Increase road safety while reducing driver paperwork. GreenRoad’s mobile app streamlines record-keeping, reduces driver interaction with logs, and increases accuracy by automating key logging processes. ECM connectivity provides time-stamped logging of vehicle mileage and engine hours.


HOS Hours Of Service LogviewAccess Logs from Anywhere

Drivers and fleet managers can review, print, email, and display logs at any time via the GreenRoad web portal dashboard or from their vehicle. These logs are ready for both roadside inspections and back-office use.


Stop Violations Before they Happen

Reduce exposure to fines and penalties by keeping both driver and fleet compliance records spotless. GreenRoad in-vehicle HOS alerts keep drivers safe and in compliance with HOS regulations in realtime. Dashboard indicators warn drivers of impending violations, so they can take timely action to prevent them.


Keep Compliant Without Compromising Safety

GreenRoad Central dashboards and reports provide managers and drivers with in-depth information for monitoring and improving road safety and regulatory compliance. Dashboard performance indicators and reports allow drivers and managers to view details of their current regulatory and safety performance as well as historical trends. Our system incorporates not only compliance monitoring for HOS and IFTA State Line Crossing but also: