Transportation & Logistics

Keep Drivers and Assets Safe, Compliant, and Running On Schedule

As a fleet manager for a Transportation or Logistics organisation, you are under constant pressure to become more competitive by cutting costs and increasing revenue, while also complying with legislation and protecting your employees and assets. Setbacks can cause significant delays and disruptions in your service. And when those setbacks start to add up, your drivers may face strong pressure to cut corners on safety.

With GreenRoad’s driver behaviour and fleet performance system you can ensure that every driver, asset, and payload arrives safely and without delay, while keeping costs under tight control.

  • GreenRoad helps you improve safety and on-time performance, streamline operations, and earn greater returns on investment by providing:
  • Real-time feedback that warns drivers of unsafe manoeuvres so they can self-correct.
  • Clear dashboards, trip information, and training tools that help drivers further improve their performance.
  • Detailed analyses and monitoring tools that show management and drivers where, when, and how drivers are driving.
  • Hours of Service compliance solutions to avoid costly fines and keep drivers safe and alert, on and off the road.

Manage Your Fleet and Costs in One Place

Safety is only one of your many fleet KPIs. With GreenRoad, you can:

  • Track vehicles by type to ensure you dispatch the right vehicle and person for the job, on the best route.
  • Reduce fuel costs by eliminating fuel-wasting driving habits like idling and speeding.
  • Cut other fleet costs, including maintenance, collision, liability, and wear and tear.

GreenRoad Transportation & Logistics Features

  • Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Protect your brand.
  • Improve driving safety and efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 10%.
  • Reduce equipment downtime with predictive maintenance alerts.
  • Refute fraudulent claims of reckless driving and missed schedules.
  • Improve dispatch effectiveness and eliminate unauthorised use.
  • Comply with government record-keeping regulations with our Hours of Service solution.

Case Study: Dupré Logistics Cuts Crashes, Risk, and Fuel Costs with GreenRoad

When Dupré Logistics needed an effective yet non-intrusive way to improve safety for 800 drivers, GreenRoad delivered. Dupré was able to improve fuel mileage over .3 miles/gallon, reduce accident rates in all categories, dramatically reduce risky driving, and provide more targeted and efficient driver coaching.

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