Quickway Carriers Cut Unsafe Maneuvers in Half with GreenRoad

Quickway Carriers, a dedicated contract refrigerated carrier, places a strong emphasis on safety and professionalism and prides itself on being a low-cost provider. Quickway drivers take pride in their safe driving performance.

Quickway rolled out GreenRoad across its fleet in 2009 and began to see immediate improvements in safety and efficiency. What’s more, the trend has continued.  Over the last three years, Quickway has been able to reduce the number of unsafe driving maneuvers by 48%.  Corporate MPG has improved by 2.1%, and idle time has been reduced by 30%.

“In reviewing all of the management controls we had implemented at Quickway, which are many, we realized the greatest remaining opportunity for improvement lay in the cab of the truck with our driver while he was on the road,” said Harry Crabtree, Vice President of Safety & Recruiting at Quickway.  “GreenRoad allowed our drivers to monitor and measure their safety behavior in five key areas.  Safe driving behavior is reinforced via the “green light.”  And if an opportunity for improvement in his driving behavior is found (via a yellow or red light), then our driver can, without management intervention, modify his own behavior.”

As part of its commitment to safety, professionalism and accountability, Quickway implemented a process to help managers identify and educate drivers whose GreenRoad Safety Scores show room for improvement. Quickway also publicly recognizes the safest drivers within the company. In March 2012, the company was recognized by GreenRoad as being in the “Best of the Best” category, with one of the lowest overall GreenRoad fleet scores.

“As a 100% employee-owned company, Quickway is always interested in the return on investment,” Crabtree said.  “The return that the GreenRoad product has provided to our shareholders has been excellent and we are well pleased.”