Rolling V Expands GreenRoad to Take Safe Driving to New Level

REDWOOD CITY, CA – September 25, 2012 — GreenRoad, the leader in driver performance management, today announced that Rolling V Transportation Services, a leading transportation services provider, is expanding the GreenRoad service in its school bus operations.  Rolling V, based in South Fallsburg, New York, provides school bus transportation to more than 7,000 school children throughout the upper New York State area.  Rolling V initially adopted the GreenRoad driver performance service in 2009 as part of its ongoing commitment to operating a safe and efficient school bus fleet. Now, based on strong, positive results Rolling V is expanding the use of GreenRoad across its fleet.

“We’re always looking for ways to nurture Rolling V’s safety culture, while at the same time driving down costs,” says Phil Vallone, president, Rolling V.  “GreenRoad helps our drivers’ become the best drivers on the road.  We have minimal safety incidents to begin with, and even fewer with GreenRoad.  Even better, it reduces cost per mile as much as 5%,” continued Vallone.

GreenRoad uses innovative mobile and cloud technology to help drivers self-improve. Unlike other solutions, GreenRoad delivers on-going, sustainable savings with the unique GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop™ based on advanced in-vehicle technology and change management best practices.

“Rolling V is an excellent example of a company that is proactively managing a strong safety culture.  The GreenRoad expansion is proof of their commitment to having the best drivers on the road,” stated Karen White, senior vice president of customer solutions for GreenRoad

Rolling V uses GreenRoad as a positive, driver development program.  “Positive reinforcement is a good way to motivate drivers,” said Vallone.  Rolling V enhances GreenRoad with a gift card incentive program.  The company awards monthly gift cards to drivers with the most improved and most reliable GreenRoad Safety Score.

The GreenRoad Safety Score is based on measurements from GreenRoad in-vehicle technology.  Patented algorithms monitor driver performance along five key maneuver categories:  speed, lane handling, corner handling, braking and acceleration.  If a risky or inefficient event occurs, the driver is given immediate, in-bus feedback with red, yellow or green LED cues.  The events are tabulated into a Safety Score, which is the average number of events in 10 hours of driving.  Drivers strive to reach the lowest Safety Score.

“Our drivers realize GreenRoad makes them better drivers,” expanded Ken Engle, Rolling V safety director.  “Having the gift card incentive program adds excitement.”

About Rolling V Transportation Services

Rolling V provides full service school bus, charter bus and car services throughout the Catskills and New York City.  Rolling V is a family-owned and managed transportation business that has provided safe and dependable services for more than 50 years. Rolling V is a proud member of the New York School Bus Contractors Association.

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive telematics solution to both change driver behavior and manage fleet performance and efficiency. Its solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. To GreenRoad customers this means increased safety and customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs for a clear competitive advantage.

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