Simonds Drivers are Some of the Best in the World ? It’s Official!

Simonds Drivers are Some of the Best in the World ? It’s Official!
Six of Simonds, UK’s drivers, Steve Cutting, David Elliott, Dale Evans, Michael Gardiner, Andrew Gorringe and Samuel Spinks all recently achieved GreenRoad Fleet Elite status for their safe, smooth and fuel-efficient driving.

GreenRoad is a technology-based device installed in the vehicle to improve driving behavior, as the telemetrics measure corner and lane handling, speed, acceleration and braking patterns which all contribute to passenger safety and comfort and also fuel efficiency. The entire company fleet of passenger carrying vehicles is equipped with the GreenRoad driver performance management system and all staff participate in GreenRoad safe driving strategy.

Martyn Simonds, Managing Director of Norfolk-based Simonds Coach & Travel said,

“We are extremely proud of our “Fleet Elite” drivers who have consistently applied GreenRoad principles and on behalf of Simonds we extend our thanks and congratulations to them. To qualify for this award the drivers have had to log 500 driving hours over a 12 month period and maintain a safety score of 5 or less which is a fantastic achievement. GreenRoad says that in 2012 less than 5% of their drivers worldwide achieve this so to have 6 drivers, representing 12% of Simonds driving staff, is very pleasing and a well-deserved honor. It certainly distinguishes Simonds drivers as being amongst the best in the world and also means that they are contributing to a greener, cleaner environment. Simonds believes firmly in the value of technical advancement and driver training, contributing to the development of our drivers to deliver safe and fuel-efficient driving standards with the emphasis on passenger comfort.””

A presentation was made to the elite drivers in recognition of their achievements.

This article was orignally written by Simonds of Botesdale.