VideoSense Pro – Privacy Policy

This Policy describes how and for what purpose Greenroad Driving Technologies Ltd., its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Company“)’s collects and processes your (“You”) video footage through its proprietary tool known as VideoSense Pro (“VideoSense”).

A. Camera Information

1. VideoSense requires two (2) cameras, which operate continuously during driving and solely records (Visual recording no audio) in proximity to and during a safety event.

2. The resolution and frame rate of the VideoSense cameras are as follows:

  • primary stream
  • ADAS:1080P@30fps
  • DSM:960P@30fps
  • Total resource
  • 1080P@30fps+960P@30fps+720P@30fps,
  • 3-channel sub-stream CIF@15fps
  • Image settings
  • Brightness, chroma, contrast, color saturation 10 second before and 10 second after the event ( can be configured)


B. Purpose

The Company collects and processes video footage generated through VideoSense for the following purposes:

1. Safety (e.g. sudden breaking/cornering).

2. ADAS (i.e. advanced driver-assistance system).

3. DSM: tracking driver behavior (e.g. phone use, smoking, etc.)


C. Retention and Sharing

1. Video footage generated by VideoSense is retained for up to twelve (12) months or as agreed between your employer  and the Company in writing, or for longer periods if required by applicable laws, rules, regulations or Company retention policies.

2. Access to the video footage is limited solely to Company employees who have a need to know solely as required to provide Company services, who have access through Company internally secured systems.

3. The Company may share the video footage with your employer at its request for the purposes set forth in Section B above.


D. General

1. In the event of an actual or  suspected security incident you must immediately notify the Company and your employer within forty eight (48) hours.

2. For any questions regarding this Policy, please contact the  Company DPO at

3. In order to exercise your rights please contact the  Company DPO at


E. Consent

I have carefully read the entire Policy above, and I hereby consent to Company’s collection and processing of my video footage through VideoSense in accordance with this Policy, whether through video roading or whether through DSM.