Word on the Street at NAFA Expo: We Want to Improve Safety and Cut Operational Costs! (Archive)

Atlantic City is always a fun destination, with beaches, casinos, and the world famous boardwalk.  For those of us in the Fleet Industry the town took on a special excitement in April, as the venue for the NAFA 2013 Institute & Expo.  This is probably the most important Fleet Management show in the country because it gives us the opportunity to network and gather information from industry leaders, our peers and vendors.

It was a great learning experience for everybody, especially those of us lucky enough to be working a booth in the exhibition hall, were we could talk with so many of you.  A common theme we heard was the need to improve safety and cut operational costs associated with aggressive driving and idling.   It is amazing how many organizations don’t even have visibility into how their drivers are behaving.  As one visitor put it: “Measuring is not management, but you can’t manage without measuring.”

At GreenRoad, we provide the tools to measure and manage your fleet…. Through the innovative use of cloud and mobile technology, GreenRoad offers a comprehensive set of driver performance and fleet tracking services. Companies using GreenRoad realise significant savings because better drivers use less fuel, crash less frequently, reduce vehicle emissions and reduce insurance costs. With in-vehicle technology, smartphone apps for drivers and managers and a comprehensive change management program, the GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop™ immediately improves driver performance. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking delivers real-time fleet location for superior route optimization, improved productivity and customer support.

Proven across 70,000 drivers worldwide, in all vehicle types and industries, GreenRoad dramatically reduces fuel consumption and crashes so customers realize positive ROI within 60-90 days.