Worked to Death?

RoadSafe recently published this article, stating that 200 people are injured in road crashes each day while driving for work.

Previously unpublished data from the annual Labour Force Survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics, shows that in 2011 an estimated 73,000 people were seriously or slightly hurt in accidents while traveling on company business (excluding commuting). This is 36% of the total number of 202,000 people recorded injured (but not killed) in all road accidents for that year.

Of those hurt whilst driving in the course of their employment, more than a third (36%) are subsequently off work for more than a week.

The data was analyzed for the RAC Foundation by former RoadSafe director David Leibling.

There are approximately three million company cars on the road and some 1 in 3 of these is involved in a crash each year.

Statistics such as this reinforce the need for driver performance management solutions.