Zero Score Drivers at Balfour Beatty Wave the Banner for Zero Harm

When we recently announced the 2012 Fleet Elite drivers we highlighted Balfour Beatty as it boasts three of the 19 perfect GreenRoad drivers in the UK. In fact this one company accounts for 24% of all UK drivers with a safety score of zero or one and has 151 Fleet Elite drivers across its fleet of 2,800 drivers.

As part of its corporate ZERO HARM initiative, Balfour Beatty uses GreenRoad to reduce risk across its entire commercial fleet of 1,400 HGVs and LCVs.

As soon as it started using GreenRoad, Balfour Beatty saw a two-thirds drop in risky maneuvers. Most importantly, Balfour Beatty drivers have sustained that improvement while also reducing fuel consumption by an average of 9%.  One example that demonstrates an often overlooked side effect of safer driving, the three zero score drivers have extended tire and brake pad life by over 30%.

Dave Washbourne, Driver Risk Project Manager, recently gave us some insight into the success behind those three zero score drivers and the benefits.

Ian Batch manages Balfour Beatty depots to ensure the smooth running of the operational functions. He covers 15,000 to 20,000 miles a year on business and is a regular recipient of Balfour Beatty’s driver of the week award. He clocked up 950 hours during 2012 without a single infringement.

He has consistently embraced a philosophy of safe driving both personally and when involved in the training and mentoring of his fellow drivers on the Yorkshire Water contract.

Committed to Zero Harm, Ian epitomizes what the company is trying to achieve. He is an advocate for GreenRoad and coaching and mentoring others. He always presents a well-maintained and clean vehicle and has never caused any damage to a Balfour Beatty vehicle.

Aaron Tomlinson is the very epitome of “poacher turned gamekeeper”. Having experienced a few driving problems in the early 2000’s, he embraced the training courses that Balfour Beatty offered.  When he started using GreenRoad he showed the need for some further changes to his driving style. But since April of 2011 he has turned a corner and consistently produced single figure scores. During 2012 he improved further and drove for 709 hours with a zero score – not a single risky maneuver.

As one of the most improved drivers at Balfour Beatty, Aaron really is a great example of how an individual can change driver behavior.

Aaron and team have successfully cleaned over 100,000 km of water main all over the United Utilities area. This requires a significant amount of driving in heavy traffic and frustrating conditions. Yet Aaron has always been a very conscientious worker and is a good role model for new starters. As a result, the team he works with has an excellent heath and safety record that is second to none.

The third zero driver is a true “gentleman” on the road: Danny Joyner covers up to 30,000 a year in his role as a general foreman, delivering repair, maintenance and construction of high voltage overhead electricity lines. During 2012 he clocked up 804 hours of completely infringement-free driving.

Often the sites Danny has to visit are extremely remote and at other times in very densely-populated areas and yet at all times he remains totally compliant with all legal aspects of driving and has never recorded any damage to his vehicle.

Danny also assists the drivers under his control to ensure that the DNO department of the business consistently scores a very commendable telemetry report. He has championed the use of GreenRoad system across his team and set an example for them to follow in terms of driver performance.

Danny has worked for Balfour Beatty for 26 years. He is employed as a Senior General Foreman responsible for 30 staff that build, maintain and repair transmission power lines across England and Wales. Key clients include UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution, Scottish Power and Northern PowerGrid. At any one time there are 2-3 projects in the construction phase across the country, with Danny spending a considerable amount of time traveling between the geographically dispersed projects.