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Driver Behavior and Fleet Performance Tools


In-vehicle feedback, driver safety scores, trip history.

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Live tracking, route info, fuel optimization and other features.

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Easily create reports on hours of service, DVIRs, and seatbelt usage.

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A systematic approach to improving overall fleet performance.

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Smart Mobility Platform


In-vehicle safety event detection powered by deep learning.


IoT platform including API and SDK for smart mobility partners.


Leverage over 10 billion miles of driver behavior data.


The most reliable platform for building connected car services.

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The Complete Driver Safety Platform

  • Real-time driver coaching
  • Vehicle and road condition awareness
  • Simple, robust fleet management
  • Over 10 billion miles of driver behavior data
  • Open API and SDK
Our Approach
  • “GreenRoad helps with both improving safety and our mandate to reduce fuel consumption. We complement GreenRoad’s service with intensive driver training and fleet management software, resulting in a phenomenal 15% fuel savings.”

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  • “The great thing is that our drivers are the real ‘green’ champions. By changing their driving habits just a small fraction, the gains in terms of environmental efficiency are huge, as well as in areas such as the cost of fuel to the business and the safety and comfort of our passengers.”

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  • “Our drivers log 40 million miles a year and 80 percent of our revenue involves hazardous materials. Safety has to be at the heart of our business. And GreenRoad is helping us go the extra mile for safety.”


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  • “Detailed reports enable managers to easily spot areas that need improvement and tailor their coaching accordingly. GreenRoad provides the business intelligence we were seeking to help us proactively manage risk.”

  • “GreenRoad helps our drivers become safer on the road by calling out risky maneuvers that they may not even be aware they are performing in a way that isn’t distracting or invasive and is cost effective.”

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