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About GreenRoad
Who is GreenRoad?

GreenRoad is a leading provider of fleet Safety Telematics and Fleet Management solutions. We believe – and our experience confirms – that safe driving is the key to reducing collisions, saving lives, reducing expenses, and decreasing fleet risk and efficiency. As a result, we have designed our systems to help drivers become the best and safest drivers possible, striving constantly for safer, smoother, and more fuel-efficient driving styles. As they improve their driving, the results achieved include lower risk, fewer incidents, reduced fleet expenses – and safer roads for everyone.

Why does GreenRoad focus on changing driver behavior?

First and foremost, safe driving saves life and limb. Research shows that negative driving behavior contributes to over 90% of vehicle crashes. At the same time, poor driving is responsible for up to 33% of fuel consumption, impacts vehicle wear and tear and contributes to maintenance costs. Therefore improved driver behavior creates a ‘ripple effect’ of operational benefits, ranging from improved fuel consumption and carbon emissions to increased efficiency and reduced expenses for vehicle maintenance, insurance and risk.

Why is driver behavior important to my business?

Research shows that negative driving behavior contributes to over 90% of vehicle crashes and accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption. Negative driving behavior also impacts wear and tear on the vehicle and contributes to maintenance costs.

How does GreenRoad change driver behavior?

Driving is a skill that can be improved with practice and feedback. GreenRoad systems help people become safer drivers by giving them real-time coaching and by alerting them in time to prevent the risky behaviors that lead to incidents. In addition, GreenRoad encourages engagement and motivation through the use of Safety that can be used for driver self-monitoring and ‘friendly competition’.

What is real-time “virtual” driver coaching?

GreenRoad provides drivers with real-time safety feedback, every moment that they are behind the wheel. Using GreenRoad, drivers become more aware of their driving behavior, resulting almost automatically in improved driving and safer operations.

Where is GreenRoad available?

GreenRoad is available everywhere: in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa. One of our customers has deployed our solution in more than 70 countries worldwide.

How long has GreenRoad been in business?

GreenRoad was founded in 2004 with the goal of putting a radical new concept into practice: pursuing safety and improvement in driver behavior in order to improve fleet performance, primarily by providing in-cab real-time coaching and driver engagement. To this end, the company developed advanced mathematical models and technologies able to accurately predict and intercept risky driving. In 2017, the company transitioned its solution to an SaaS platform, enabling the option of a software-only offering with no need for installed hardware.

Who can benefit from using GreenRoad?
What type of vehicles does GreenRoad support?

GreenRoad supports all types of vehicles, from vans and cars, buses and coaches, to mid-sized, large, and big-rig trucks, to service and construction vehicles, and to motorcycles and three-wheel vehicles.

What size of fleets does GreenRoad support?

GreenRoad is fully scalable and works for fleets of all sizes from 25 to 10,000+ vehicles. It can be used to manage local fleets or multinational fleets with depots throughout the world.

What types of businesses can benefit from GreenRoad?

GreenRoad is highly effective for businesses and fleets of all sizes and across industries. Any organization with vehicles can use GreenRoad to improve driver behavior and fleet operation, whether you have professional drivers who drive for a living or technicians who drive as part of their job.

Who are GreenRoad customers?

Industry-leading fleets of all sizes use GreenRoad to transform their driving culture and reduce their costs. GreenRoad is used across numerous industries:

  • Passenger transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Logistics
  • Service Industries
  • Utilities
  • and more.
Savings & ROI
How much can GreenRoad save my company?

GreenRoad customers typically reduce the number of accidents by 20-70%, crash-related costs by 50-80% and fuel usage by 7-15% or more. Customers also report up to 10% lower maintenance costs and extended vehicle life. This is in addition to significant savings of life and limb, improved efficiency, reduced insurance and other costs, and protection for the company’s reputation and brand.

Will GreenRoad reduce our insurance costs?

The majority of GreenRoad customers are able to negotiate reductions in their fleet insurance premiums as a result of using GreenRoad solutions. This is based on a clear decrease in the number of incidents and cost of claims, enabling insurance companies to reduce claim costs and to pass the advantage on to the fleet.

How soon will we see savings from using GreenRoad?

As soon as you start using GreenRoad, the savings begin through improved driving performance. GreenRoad delivers immediate cost savings and a positive ROI within the first two-to-three months.

How does GreenRoad change driver behavior?
How does GreenRoad measure risky driving?

GreenRoad’s patented algorithms use data gathered by sensors in the vehicle and/or mobile phone, augmented by data from other sources (GPS feeds, speed limit, the vehicle’s in-engine computer, ADAS, etc.) to measure and analyze how the vehicle is being driven, and provides real-time feedback to the driver, enabling adjustments to be made before the risky driving leads to higher risk or an incident.

What types of driving maneuvers can GreenRoad detect?

GreenRoad’s highly granular safety event engine identifies over 150 different types of maneuvers of different severities across five categories: braking, acceleration, cornering, lane handling and speeding. It recognizes compound events, such as braking into or out of a turn, and takes into account the characteristics of the vehicle (e.g. vehicle type, size, configuration) and fleet policies. Each event is classified as ‘yellow’ or ‘red’, depending upon its severity.

GreenRoad also captures and reports idling events and idling performance, and our VideoSense PRO™ identifies and sends out alerts about driver fatigue, distraction, seatbelt compliance and more.

How does GreenRoad provide in-vehicle feedback?

For GreenRoad Drive™ users, driver feedback is provided audibly (e.g. ‘Check Your Speed’) and visually (displaying a yellow or red circle around the vehicle speed.)
For GreenRoad Edge™ users, the feedback is provided via a display with three small LED lights: green when the driving is smooth and safe, yellow when it needs improvement and red when there is a serious safety issue.

When a risky event is first detected, the system provides the driver with a warning, and gives the driver 10 seconds to correct the action. If the risky behavior continues, the system escalates the warning, capturing the event for the driver’s record and applying it to the driver’s Safety Score. If and when the driver corrects the behavior, the light returns to green.

How can drivers self-improve using GreenRoad?

The GreenRoad system offers easy-to-use tools that help drivers make better driving decisions, minute by minute, every moment that they are behind the wheel. Using our in-vehicle, real-time feedback, drivers find themselves “naturally” learning to drive more safely and efficiently. The system includes:

  • In-vehicle, real-time driver feedback and tips
  • Online automated analyses and dashboards that display accurate, timely, and objective data about fleet safety
  • A driver self-help portal with training videos, materials and other instructional and motivational information
What is the GreenRoad Safety Score and how is it calculated?

GreenRoad systems assign ‘Safety Scores’ to each driver as a simple metric for assessing their driving behavior and risk levels. This score can be used by drivers to assess their own progress. In addition, many companies use it as the basis for gamified ‘friendly competition’ that incentivizes driver engagement.

The Safety Score is calculated using an algorithm that compares the number of risky driving events and safe driving events accumulated by a driver per 10 hours of driving. The safer the driving, the lower the risk and the lower Safety Score. As a person’s driving becomes safer, the Safety Score improves (that is, it goes down: 0 is a perfect Safety Score). Our experience shows that this tangible feedback is a powerful incentive for continued effort and improvement.

What training materials does GreenRoad offer?

GreenRoad provides numerous online resources to help users understand the data presented in the dashboards and reports and the ways it can be used to improve driving behavior and safety levels. We also provide full training to managers to assure that they get the most out of the system.

Why would employees want to review their trips?

To help them learn from the past and set concrete goals for the future. For example, by analyzing past driving records, some GreenRoad users discovered that small changes could improve their safety level significantly – sometimes by reducing their average speed by just 1 mph!

Fleet Tracking
How does GreenRoad keep me updated about my fleet?

GreenRoad is here to keep you constantly updated on your business and fleet:

  • Real-time Email Alerts: keep updated as to the activities of your drivers and vehicles with easy-to-set-up alerts. Fully customizable, these alerts keep you informed about critical events, such as vehicle misuse, vehicle health issues, safety events, and more.
  • Dashboards and Reports: monitor fleet performance trends and share reports across your entire organization
  • Mobile Access – manage your fleet at any time and from any desktop or mobile device
Can vehicle locations be viewed live online?

Yes, vehicle location can be viewed ‘live’ at any time with GreenRoad, along with  details such as speed, direction and status. You always know where your vehicles are and where they are headed.,

Is GreenRoad also a fleet tracking solution?

With GreenRoad you do not have to choose between driver performance/safety solutions and DIM/IVMS/telematics solutions focused on addressing fleet productivity and operational needs.
GreenRoad delivers on both! We see driver change as your biggest opportunity to improve fleet and business results, but we are also your partner on fleet performance management and DIM/IVMS data.
With GreenRoad, you gain meaningful, real-time visibility of fleet location and performance to reach your operation goals. Easily keep track of your drivers and vehicles, and make sure your fleet and projects are on time. Reach higher efficiency and save valuable management time with GreenRoad fleet operation functionalities, including:

  • Real-time Live Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Operations & Utilization
  • Trip History
  • Dispatching
  • Landmarks and Geo-Fencing
  • Vehicle Health
  • Fuel Performance
  • Idling Hotspots
GreenRoad Drive™ and GreenRoad Edge™
What is GreenRoad Drive™?

GreenRoad Drive™ is a downloadable mobile app that turns driver smartphones into personal virtual driving coaches. Its goal is to help drivers improve their skills and safety via ‘coaching’ and positive reinforcement, not ‘catching’ and punishment. It measures how drivers drive, second by second, and provides actionable visual and audio feedback in real-time. In addition, it records all trip details for post-trip review and analysis, and can provide granular driver behavior data to third party applications.

GreenRoad Drive™ also serves as a portal for GreenRoad’s AI- and BI-based analytics, allowing both drivers and managers to check fleet dashboards and to drill-down into supporting detail.

How does GreenRoad Drive™ work?

Once a driver downloads the GreenRoad Drive™ app onto a mobile phone, it uses the phone’s sensors to identify driving events and to provide real-time coaching and actionable feedback.

Does the vehicle need to be in an area with mobile coverage for the app to work?

When the user initially powers up the app and logs in, the device must have mobile connectivity to enable verification of the user’s details. After that, if connectivity is lost, all trips are recorded and stored in the phone until a data connection (WIFI or mobile) is established, and then the trip data is uploaded to GreenRoad Central™. When there is no mobile coverage, drivers are unable to receive real-time location functions.

Can the phone’s GPS function be used to track vehicle locations?

GreenRoad uses many sources of data, including GPS data and more, to help it form an accurate assessment of driver behavior. The system records information about each trip, including the positioning of vehicle, to help drivers and managers analyze driving performance and draw conclusions after every event.

How do I log into GreenRoad Drive™?

Simply enter the username and password assigned to you by GreenRoad or by your manager.

What are the major differences between using GreenRoad Drive™ and the GreenRoad Edge?
  • With GreenRoad Drive™, there is no need for drivers to use key fobs or RFID tags to identify themselves at the beginning of their trips. The GreenRoad Drive™ app starts automatically when the vehicle is set in motion.
  • GreenRoad Drive™ communicates with the driver using audible and on-screen alerts, while GreenRoad Edge™ communicates via green-yellow-red LED lights.
What type of devices does GreenRoad Drive™ support?

GreenRoad Drive™ currently works on any Android device running Android 5.0 or above, and on iPhones 5 and above. Phones must be fitted with accelerometers and have mobile data service connections.

Are mobile phones able to receive calls while GreenRoad Drive™ is operational?

Yes. GreenRoad Drive™ does not restrict incoming or outgoing phone calls, texts or emails.

If drivers use their own vehicles, are their personal trips be recorded?

We encourage drivers to use GreenRoad even when they are on ‘their own time’ to help them drive the best they can, even when they’re not on the job. If so desired, they can take advantage of our On Duty/Off Duty function that allows them to turn the monitoring/recording feature off when appropriate.

Does the phone have to be placed in a cradle?

No, but if it is touched during a trip, the app will record a Distracted Driving event. Distracted driving events occur when the device is moved while the vehicle is in motion, whether because the phone is picked up for any reason, or because it is not seated securely enough in its cradle.

What is GreenRoad Drive™’s estimated data usage per day?

Utility workers who drive up to 20 hours per week and 80 hours per month use approximately 250mb – 500mb of data per month.

How does GreenRoad Edge™ differentiate between different drivers using a vehicle?

If multiple drivers operate the same vehicle, the system can be configured to use a driver identification device (e.g. key fob or RFID tag) to assure correct driver identification.

Who actually carries out required hardware installations? (GreenRoad Edge™)

GreenRoad’s network of qualified installation partners extends around the globe. GreenRoad can also support remote training for customer self-installation processes.

Analysis & Reporting
Who has access to GreenRoad’s reports and analyses?

All drivers are given full access to their own dashboard, safety event details and trip information via GreenRoad’s web portal and/or mobile app. They can see also team summary data, but not data about other employees.

Authorized managers and supervisors are able to view fleet/team dashboards, events and detailed reports about their drivers, including time spent driving, distance covered, Safety Scores, etc.

What is GreenRoad Central™?

GreenRoad Central™ is the web-based portal for managers and drivers. It provides access to key performance metrics and easy drill-down into the details behind the numbers. Please refer to the GreenRoad Central™ User Guide for a full description of its functionality.

What is the best way for drivers to get support?

Can’t log in? Forgot your password? GreenRoad display not turned on?

The best way to receive support is to contact your local manager or Greenroad champion.

Most likely your manager will know how to solve your issue right away or how to get help quickly from the GreenRoad support team.

How can I recover my password?

Use this form to request a password recovery.

If you do not receive a password token email within a few minutes, please check with your local manager which email address is actually associated with your account.

How do I get support?

Need help? Please log in to GreenRoad Central™ and contact us via the Support tab.

General Questions
What are GreenRoad’s quality standards?

GreenRoad practices comprehensive quality management to comply with the highest international standards. Our certifications include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 90003:2014 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

What is the driver behavior and fleet performance data that GreenRoad collects used for?

Data collected and analyzed helps us highlight exceptions in driver behavior, helping managers and drivers better understand how and what is needed to reduce their risk while on the road. Insights from data analysis can be translated into a training plan with specific action items and guidance.

How long does GreenRoad keep data?

GreenRoad retains safety data for seven years, and not longer than the duration of the contract between your company and GreenRoad.

How often is GreenRoad’s online data updated?

Vehicle location data is updated live. Safety data is updated at the end of a trip. A trip starts when a vehicle first moves and ends when the vehicle has been stationary for at least ten minutes.

When and how often is the driving data transmitted?

GreenRoad collects GPS-based vehicle location information typically once every two minutes and driving safety events whenever they occur.

Does GreenRoad integrate with third party software?

GreenRoad offers an open integration platform and APIs that enable easy integration of its safety, driver behavior and tracking data with Fleet Administration Automation, ERP, HR and other systems.

What are the legal implications if someone who has the GreenRoad system installed on their phone is involved in an incident, and management was aware of their poor driving behavior?

If the GreenRoad system identifies that a driver is dangerous, we suggest the following hierarchy of action:

  • Provide the employee with coaching regarding how to improve their driving skills, followed by close monitoring.
  • If behavior fails to improve, hold a documented discussion regarding how the driver can be supported to improve their driving.
  • If behavior still fails to improve, consider more restrictive actions.