Company Overview

GreenRoad helps fleets improve driver safety, save lives and reduce risk.

Drivers in more than 70 countries – including some of the world’s largest businesses and fleets – use our best-in-breed safety telematics solutions to empower driver safety, achieving dramatic reductions in collisions, operational costs and risk.

Our Focus: Driver Safety

When GreenRoad set out to create the industry’s most effective safety telematics solutions, we were driven by a simple but revolutionary concept:

Driver Behavior is the key to
fleet safety and efficiency

If your business’s goal is injury and incident free, you have to focus on the driver. Poor driving habits lead to collisions, wasted fuel, increased vehicle maintenance expenses and higher insurance costs.

But good driving, based on correct driver decision-making day-in and day-out, prevents accidents, improves fuel efficiency, reduces vehicle wear and tear and reduces risk.

That’s why GreenRoad has developed the industry’s best system for improving driver behavior: a system based on real-time coaching and support, personalized self-training tools, fleet safety management-by-exception and data collection tools. All GreenRoad solutions are available in both mobile and installed versions, and are fully compliant with strict GDPR and privacy guidelines.


In fact, safe driver behavior creates a ripple effect of business benefits:

  • Reduced collisions save life and limb, eliminate repair costs and keep service schedules on-track. Over time, reduced accident rates and predictive data decrease insurance costs while helping protect the firm’s reputation.
  • Smoother driving habits create real reductions in fuel consumption and emissions while extending vehicle life. They also please passengers with comfortable services.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate fleet performance experts, technologists, data scientists, mobile app  and customer service specialists, united by the common goal of supporting fleets and drivers, helping them achieve optimum performance.

Whether you’re just starting to explore how a fleet performance management solution can help your company or you’re ready to take your management program to the next level, we’re here to support you and to make sure you’re getting the most out of GreenRoad.