GreenRoad Partners

Leading players have partnered with GreenRoad to bring its best-in-breed risk reduction and granular driver behavior data to customers throughout the world.

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GreenRoad Partners

United Safety

GreenRoad has partnered with United Safety to advance road safety and prioritize driver wellbeing throughout Australia and New Zealand.  United Safety’s deep understanding of the unique requirements and regulations of the Australian market, coupled with GreenRoad’s proven technology and global experience, creates a powerful synergy that will deliver innovative driver safety solutions.

United Safety

Pirelli/Prometeon Tyre Group

Pirelli/Prometeon Tyre Group has partnered with GreenRoad to enrich its PRO-Services fleet services portfolio, enabling it to offer its new “PRO Drive” solution based on GreenRoad know-how and expertise in the fleet management and telematics sector. PRO Drive will help fleets improve driver behavior, resulting in significant savings in fuel consumption along with reductions in incident rates, leading to a new level of efficiency in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Prometeon Pirelli

ST Engineering Electronics Ltd

ST Engineering Electronics Ltd., the Singapore-based electronics arm of the $6.7b ST Engineering Group, has partnered with GreenRoad to enable it to provide GreenRoad’s advanced Fleet Safety and Operations Management solutions to its customers throughout Asia Pacific.

ST engineering logo

Arthur J. Gallagher International

Arthur J. Gallagher International is one of the top ten independent insurance intermediaries and financial services advisers in the UK. By partnering with GreenRoad, AJG can access better detail to predict fleet risk and is able to offer specific risk management interventions, helping it in negotiations for reduced premium levels and improved cover terms.

Arthur j Gallagher logo


Optibus, a market-leading software platform for public transportation planning, scheduling, and rostering, has partnered with GreenRoad, to increase passenger safety and comfort by bringing historical road safety data into the earliest phases of transportation planning.

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GreenRoad and Stratio partner to solve fleet driver safety and predictive maintenance challenges.
The integrated solution promotes safe, eco-driving habits that reduce maintenance costs and accidents, minimize fuel consumption and emissions, extend EV charge range, and help operators offer services that passengers trust.