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Our digital driver safety solution provides real-time coaching creating effective behavioral change in drivers.
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Oil & Gas, Mining

utilities fleet management


passenger transport

Passenger Transport

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Food & Beverage

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Behavior Management Tech
Makes Safe Drivers

Our products are designed according to behaviour management research, providing drivers with the tools needed to reduce
negative behaviors and encourage positive ones.


Information about the negative behavior


Motivation to change the negative behavior


Behavioral skills to perform the corrected behavior

Our Products

driver training app


Software-Only App

Turn driver mobile devices into intelligent, in-vehicle and
real-time driving and training coaches – for employees, contractors, and remote drivers. GreenRoad Drive™ downloads and is ready to use in  minutes, supporting enterprise digitization processes while promoting safety across the business without interfering with other mobile apps.

drivers coaching


Hardware Solution

When unobtrusive feedback is needed, use the GreenRoad LED solution to provide real-time visual coaching to your drivers, every minute of every journey
fleet Management Software


Safety Management Software

Take an efficient, proactive approach to fleet safety and operations management using GreenRoad’s KPI dashboards and AI-based data. Accessed via your browser or the GreenRoad Drive™ app, GreenRoad Central provides a comprehensive view of all vehicles and incidents, across geography, vehicle type, or ownership. This allows fleet managers to establish a single “source of truth” for evaluating driver behavior and identifying potential safety risks.
fleet video telematics

VideoSense Pro ™

Video Telematics

VideoSense™ Pro integrates with all other driver safety products to offer a holistic and robust safety view of your fleet and drivers. As a DIM (Driver Impairment Monitoring) solution, VideoSense™ Pro supports event root cause analysis and sends drivers and managers real-time alerts about driver fatigue, distraction, seatbelt usage, smoking and more – in time to prevent disaster.

Why Us?

fleet Prevent Collisions

Prevent Collisions

50%-70% reduction

fleet operations cost

Lower Operation Costs

Up to 15% reduction

fleet insurance costs

Reduce Insurance Costs

Up to 15% reduction

reduce carbon footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Up to 33% lower emissions

fleet fuel consumption

Consume Less Fuel

Up to 15% fuel savings (average)

ev fleet range

Extend EV range

Up to 20% range increase

“Over a period of 18 months, we’ve seen a staggering change
in the way employees are driving. All a driver has to do is plug
in the destination and focus on driving; the technology does
everything else.”

Empower Fleet Safety with GreenRoad

Create a safer and more efficient fleet today.

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