Fleet Management Telematics Solutions - For Every Industry

GreenRoad’s Safety Telematics make it easy for any fleet – in any industry – to create a proactive, driver-centric safety culture, the key to improving fleet performance.

Why focus on safety and driver behavior?

Because drivers are your most important asset… by far.

Improve driver behavior, and the rest falls into place. Accident rates decline. Insurance premiums trend downwards. Fuel consumption improves. Vehicles require less maintenance. Passengers feel safer, and schedules run smoother. Emissions decline, keeping the air cleaner. And managers sleep better, knowing that any risks and exceptions will be identified early and brought to their attention immediately – and that their drivers are empowered and incentivized. Risk management at every level is key.

In fleet after fleet, we see the “magic” unfold. Give drivers insight, acknowledgment, and competition, and it is astounding how quickly most will improve their driving habits, with almost no management attention required. This frees fleet managers to focus on the individuals with persistent safety issues, creating tailored training based on detailed data about their driving habits, tracked vehicle locations, idling profiles and more.

Most fleets experience a rapid reduction in accidents and risk, protecting their reputation, operational costs, and bottom line.

The goal: safe driving, efficient fleets

The GreenRoad Platform allows you to take a holistic approach to managing fleets, with all the tools you need to increase safety, mitigate risk and minimize operational costs.

  • Real-time driver feedback, scoring and “friendly competitions” empower your drivers to improve their own safety, keeping them engaged and incentivized. Drivers self-train and self-correct to move out of the “red” (dangerous) and “yellow” (risky) zones, crossing into the “green” – and then aiming for even higher levels of safety and fuel-efficiency.
  • For passenger fleets, safer, smoother driving translates into reduced accidents and insurance premiums, improved customer service, lower fuel consumption & emissions and reduced vehicle wear and tear.
  • For service and logistics fleets, safer driving keeps vehicles on the road and out of the garage, running on schedule while reducing risk, expenses, and insurance premiums.
  • For all fleet operators, GreenRoad’s predictive intelligence and visibility – the insight provided by its vehicle health, GPS /vehicle tracking, AI and other telematics systems and technologies – enables improvement of all aspects of fleet management, from preventative maintenance and route planning to driver training and more.

The insurance advantage

The improved risk profile and granular driver behavior data provided by the GreenRoad Platform enables GreenRoad customers in all industries to negotiate reduced insurance premiums and self-insurance reserves. In fact, leading fleet insurers have begun offering their clients dynamic-priced UBI (User Based Insurance) offerings predicated on their use of the GreenRoad Platform to enable accurate measurement of risk. This demonstrates the “virtual circle” of increasing driver and vehicle safety: reduced accidents benefit the fleet, the insurance company and society as a whole.

Oil & Gas, Hazmat

Extend your digitalization program easily to road safety, keeping your staff safe – even in remote locations

Did you know that 40% of hazmat and oil & gas fatalities are related to driving?

Passenger Transport

Reduce accidents, risk and expenses while increasing passenger comfort

When passengers are your business, safety is non-negotiable – and tight budgets make top efficiency a necessity. GreenRoad’s Driver Safety solution empowers and motivates your drivers to drive safely.

Services, Utilities & Logistics

Reduce risk and costs while gaining real-time control

Keep your workers safe and cut vehicle expenses. Safe driving is the key to reducing fleet risk, controlling your costs and keeping your workers productive.

Grey Fleets & Contractors

Roll out a unified fleet safety and monitoring program for all your drivers

Did you know that companies are liable for the health and safety of everyone driving on company business – even when they don’t use company vehicles?


Get telematics data to support personalized Risk IDs and dynamic-priced products

To stay competitive in today’s markets, insurers are looking for ways to differentiate their products and reduce their prices. GreenRoad makes it easy and profitable to create UBI and dynamic-priced offerings.

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) & Smart Mobility

Support AV development and Tier-1/OEM use cases with granular data and objective assessments of safety, ride comfort, driver behavior and risk

Partners can use GreenRoad’s unique data and enabling technologies to support a broad range of customer-facing apps and other applications.