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Achieving Customer, Economic and Environmental Benefits

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Pursuing the Highest Standards of Customer Satisfaction, Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Safety is our number one focus. We put driver telematics on
every one of the vehicles that we operate, and they get immediate
feedback on how the bus is responding to their controls.”
Mark Peters, General Manager Fleet Innovation; Business Intelligence

Starting from 2015, Transit Systems, a part of Kelsian Group and Australia’s largest bus operator, has been deploying GreenRoad Safety Telematics as “standard kit” in its buses in order to pursue the highest KPIs for customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability. This is in line with the company’s focus on innovation and its deep commitment to delivering safe, reliable and clean public transport solutions.

The system’s cutting-edge technology further differentiates Transit Systems from its competitors, providing their clients and customers with the added confidence that proves strategic in Australia’s competitive transportation market.


To date, Transit Systems has deployed GreenRoad, internally branded as Transit Systems’ “DriveRight” Program, in ~2,600 Transit Systems buses in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and several smaller depots. The products deployed include GreenRoad Edge™, GreenRoad’s installed real-time driver coaching solution, and GreenRoad Central™, GreenRoad’s web-based fleet safety management platform.

The system provides drivers with real-time, moment-by-moment feedback on how they are driving, enabling instant correction of their driving to improve safety and customer comfort. In addition, analysis of GreenRoad’s data helps Transit Systems coach drivers on more efficient driving techniques, such as reducing idling time, avoiding hard braking, and maintaining consistent speeds. By focusing on these behaviors, the operator has achieved a reduction in fuel consumption, leading to both financial savings and a reduction in environmental impact. Ultimately, the use of driver telematics can help create a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable public transport system.

According to Mark Peters, “GreenRoad’s gamification elements bring a bit of fun and positive competitive tension to the driver’s routine. It’s human nature to love ‘showing off’: when we get a good result, we feel proud, and that’s a powerful motivator. The safer, smoother driving translates directly into reduced accidents, expenses and emissions, and we encourage the process by posting photos of the drivers with their awards. They wear their badges and their
certificates with pride.”

The fleet safety management platform enables Transit System’s managers to keep a watchful eye on the fleet’s safety performance, bringing any unsafe trends to their attention at the earliest possible stage. With a single click, managers can drill-down into supporting details and easily identify and resolve the root-cause behind issues. For example, the ability to pinpoint the fleet’s idling hotspots and fuel-wasting behaviours enables focused, proactive training, further reducing the fleet’s environmental impact.

GreenRoad’s technology makes drivers aware of opportunities for improvement and helps improve driving habits in a way that becomes automatic. Driver buy-in and engagement were high as the benefits of GreenRoad’s technology were presented alongside a ‘coaching, not to catching” approach. In turn this ensured a smooth, comfortable and safe journey for the customer together with reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

The Result

Transit Systems has achieved impressive results using GreenRoad’s technology:

  • In the first 12 months after installing the system in one of their depots,
    its reportable accidents declined by 84% from 119 to 19.
  • In 2021, 11% of the company’s bus drivers achieved GreenRoad Fleet
    Elite, meaning that they maintained a nearly perfect safety record for an
    entire 12-month period.
  • In parallel, use of the system has enabled Transit Systems to achieve
    significant reductions in fuel consumption, accident spend and insurance reserves.

Mr. Peters concluded, “Due to its significant customer, economic and environmental sustainability benefits, we continue rolling out GreenRoad wherever we operate. If we take on a new operation, it’s just a given that GreenRoad is installed in the fleet. GreenRoad is a part of what we do and how we operate our services.”
About Transit Systems
Transit Systems was established in 1995 and is part of Kelsian Group, Australia’s largest multi-modal transport provider and tourism operator with established operations in Singapore, London and the Channel Islands.
Kelsian provides essential journeys for customers by delivering safe and intelligent transport solutions designed to improve the sustainability and livability of the communities we serve.