GreenRoad Drive: The New and Improved Way to Foster Driver Safety

Dani KiryatiJune 16, 2017

GreenRoad Drive: The New and Improved Way to Foster Driver Safety

By Dani Kiryati, Director of Product Marketing

There’s no question that fleet managers are facing bigger challenges than ever before when it comes to hiring drivers, retaining drivers, and keeping drivers safe and efficient on the road.

That’s why we were especially excited last month to launch our new GreenRoad Drive app, with a new name, new interface, and new features designed to better engage drivers and ease the workload on managers.

What exactly has changed in our app? Here are the top four updates to look out for:

  1. Automated features

The app was updated with ease of use in mind. We’ve added a number of automated features to help your drivers simply focus on the most important task at hand: driving safely.

GreenRoad Drive leverages your driver’s mobile device sensors to detect motion, automatically starting and ending trips without requiring the driver to log in (unless the driver selected “off duty” following their last trip). The app also continuously runs in the background, with the option for drivers to click to display it on their screen at any time.

As in the past, the app alerts drivers in real-time with vocal and display coaching immediately following safety events. The new app makes interpreting this feedback even easier than before, with color-coded alerts displaying both immediate feedback as well as overall trip feedback at a glance.

  1. Increased transparency

Your drivers now have access to all of their driving stats right at their fingertips.

In the past, drivers had to visit GreenRoad Central to get insights on their driving performance. Now, they can view trip history, specific driving events, and their safety score and team rank on their mobile device.

In fact, this information is delivered to the driver as soon as the trip ends in a detailed trip report. The report details the overall safety level and length of the trip and shows specific safety events. Drivers can deep dive into each safety event to see information about the location, event type, and severity of the event.

This makes feedback readily accessible to drivers at any time, boosting the chances they will keep tabs on their own performance and feel self-motivated to improve. It also makes feedback more immediate, helping drivers make a connection between their actions and errors.

These increased transparency features carry over to managers, who can track fleets in real time, view individual driver scores and team scoreboards, and manage vehicles from the app, similar to the features within GreenRoad Central.

  1. Push notifications to increase engagement

Like trip reports, push notifications have been added to the app to deliver feedback directly to drivers.

GreenRoad Drive sends push notifications to drivers reminding them to check their daily trip summary. They’ll also get a notification if they become the top driver on their team.

By providing drivers with positive reinforcement or alerting them immediately that their behavior is risky, drivers are engaged regularly and made fully aware of their actions. This can motivate them to continue improving, often even without coaching from the fleet manager.

  1. New privacy settings

Many drivers use personal mobile devices for work-related activities. With driver privacy in mind, we created new privacy settings in the app allowing drivers to easily switch between “on duty” and “off duty” modes.

Though the app can now automatically detect the start of trips, drivers and managers alike typically do not want to track their personal trips in the app. To turn off the app during personal hours, drivers simply have to navigate to their profile and click the button to switch from “on duty” to “off duty.”

When the driver is back on the clock, they click the button again to switch back to “on duty” mode and begin recording their trip.

GreenRoad Drive is just the beginning of new fleet management and driver safety features to come, all aimed at improving fleet communication, driver engagement, and of course, overall organizational safety and efficiency.

Interested in a deeper dive? Watch the GreenRoad Drive webinar for a full overview of the new app.