Digital Fleet Management: Driver Safety & Real-Time Self-Coaching – On Your Mobile Devices!

By Dougie Portwood - Director of Strategic Programme Management


Digital Fleet Management Driver Safety - Real-Time Self-Coaching – On Your Mobile Devices

One of the telematics industry’s most anxiously-awaited changes is digitalized solutions: software-only apps that provide all (or most) of the functionality of fleet management companies’ installed “black boxes,” but with more flexibility and a lower cost-of-entry.

Our pioneering GreenRoad DRIVE™ app was one of the first products to address this demand, and even now, several years after its launch, remains one of the few digitalized safety telematics offerings on the market. Now, with tens of thousands of drivers throughout the world using GreenRoad DRIVE™ in all types of vehicles and equipment, the value of digitalized telematics has never been clearer.

Why should company fleets go digital with their telematics?

Primarily to leverage the numerous advantages made possible by an all-software, all-digital platform:

  • Quicker, easier and cheaper to install at scale: when a telematics solution comes packaged as an app, it can be self-installed by users within minutes on their own mobile devices, with zero installation costs. For example, in just one month, a gas and oil company’s 10,000+ drivers – on 4 continents – downloaded GreenRoad Drive™ to their own mobile phones. Within weeks, the company saw significant improvements in fleet performance, including a sharp reduction in accidents accompanied by reduced costs for fuel, repairs and maintenance.
  • Provides a unified view across diversified fleets: since digitalized telematics solutions require no installation or proprietary hardware, they are as easy to deploy for motorcycles, leased vehicles, contractors and employee-owned vehicles as for company-owned assets. Each “connected” driver adds to the fleet operator’s umbrella view of fleet safety and operations while encouraging a unified standard of driving behavior across the supply chain. This obviously complements the information provided by the “simple telematics” aspects of the solution, including vehicle tracking, resource allocation and more, no matter where in the world the vehicles are located – or who they belong to.
  • Extends the flexibility, resilience and lifespan of the telematics investment:
    • App-based solutions do not have to be upgraded when there are changes in the broader network environment.For example, when a region’s cellular provider moves from 3G to 4G, the telematics app remains fully operational with no change in equipment.
    • With apps, no data or equipment investment is lost when the vehicle is retired or swapped.
    • Telematics apps provide fleets with “future-safe” protection against potential data-usage fees for accessing manufacturer-specific telematics devices (click here to learn about the auto industry’s proposed vehicle data usage fees).
  • Duty Status settings: GreenRoad DRIVE™ offers Duty Settings for drivers who want to continue using the app when they drive on personal time, but don’t want to have their location and movements visible to the company. At the click of a button, they can set the app to On Duty, Personal, Off or Passenger mode, protecting their privacy while still maximizing their safety.
  • Can integrate with other systems: as a fully-customizable fleet management software solution, the GreenRoad Drive™ app can be integrated on the same device with other corporate communication apps (e.g. Blink, Slack), navigation apps (e.g. Waze, Google Maps) and more – and all can be accessed through a single-sign-on. This can be pre-installed within a vehicle, ready for a customer at time of vehicle acquisition.

So how does the app work?

The concept is simple. Once downloaded to a mobile device, GreenRoad Drive™ springs to action whenever the vehicle is in motion, moment to moment, and day to day. It continuously collects voluminous data from the device’s internal sensors, GPS and other external services, so that it knows exactly how, where and when the driver is driving.

Based on this information, the app provides drivers with GreenRoad’s accurate, real-time coaching about 150 different types of risky maneuvers, helping them learn  to become safer, more fuel-efficient drivers and to avoid distracted driving. After trip end, drivers can review the details of their performance to help them improve their driving skills and to become safer drivers. In this way, GreenRoad DRIVE™ serves as a “personal defensive driving course” that raises driver awareness to their own safety issues, with personalized tips on how to improve.

To keep drivers engaged and motivated, the app provides personalized Safety Scores based on the number of risky maneuvers a driver carries out. Drivers pay attention to these scores to track their own safety progress, and companies use them as the basis for “friendly competitions”, recognition and prizes.

For managers, GreenRoad DRIVE™ provides high-level KPIs, alerts and reports to support a proactive approach to improving safety, fleet maintenance, fuel management and operations. It further reduces total costs by identifying safety hotspots, idling issues and more.

The bottom line?

Taken as a whole, GreenRoad DRIVE™ is an effective, digitalized tool for fleets looking to reduce accidents and risk, improve expenses, and enhance their control of diversified fleets.

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