Infographic: Can Gamification Change Driver Behavior?

By Dougie Portwood - Director of Strategic Programme Management

Employee engagement is important for organizations across industries to boost productivity, reduce employee turnover, and build a solid company culture. But it’s even more important for fleets and mobile workforces, for whom unengaged employees can mean higher rates of accidents, injuries, or even on-the-clock worker fatalities.

A successful employee engagement program seeks to deepen the ties employees have to their role and their employer as a whole by helping them realize the importance they play in the success of the organization. Engagement programs look different from company to company, but it can be harder for fleets and mobile workforces to successfully engage their workforces, as they are spread out geographically and may not communicate face to face on a regular basis.

One solution that can engage mobile workforces while also encouraging safer behavior on the road? Gamification. While making work tasks more fun has obvious psychological benefits for drivers, there’s real science supporting the idea that it also makes them strive to improve their individual performance, take responsibility for their company’s success, and take fewer sick days.

Check out the infographic below to learn why gamification of the driving experience is a great tool for creating safer, more engaged fleets.