Safety Telematics for Delivery Fleets: Caring for Riders, Protecting Your Brand

By Liron Cohen-Yanay - EVP International Sales

GreenRoad Telematics’ 3x-win proposition: riders who feel cared for, a reputation that’s protected – and safer roads for all.

The last-mile delivery market is facing a massive opportunity – and also a huge challenge.

On the one hand, business is booming. The “order-in” food delivery market has more than doubled, and online shopping has rocketed. This is catapulting the “gig” industry, generating meteoric growth for existing companies while many more to enter the market.

At the same time, accident rates across for delivery personnel are high and rising. Deliverers on motorcycles are particularly problematic, as their efforts to circumvent traffic jams in order to serve their customers can lead them to weave between lanes, drive on sidewalks and engage in other risky driving manoeuvres. Too often, this results in accidents, and when accidents occur, because the driver is so exposed, injuries are far too common – with the company’s brand displayed prominently in media coverage.

No one is happy with the situation: certainly not the riders, who are aware of the danger, but need the job. Public demand is growing, and along with it increasing calls for government regulation of the industry.

Most of all, however, it is the delivery companies themselves who are worried, and who ultimately have much more at stake than the level of their insurance premiums. Every moment that a rider – with the company’s delivery bag in full view – is on the road, the company’s reputation is on the line. When the rider appears responsible, is displaying good driving habits and provides good service, the brand wins. But every time a rider speeds through a changing light, exhibits distracted driving manoeuvres or delivers a bowl of soup that has splashed into its packaging, the company’s reputation takes a hit. And if, heaven forbid, there is an accident, the company is held responsible – at least in the court of popular opinion.

GreenRoad’s Rider Safety Telematics: the Key to Protecting Your Riders & Your Brand

This is why GreenRoad created its Rider Safety Telematics platform, an easy-to-roll-out tool designed specifically to empower and incentivise safe riding.

Once riders download GreenRoad’s telematics technology, you know every detail about their driving habits: beyond where they are, you know how safely they are operating – and if their safety is poor, you know exactly what they are doing that needs to be corrected. The system gives you clear insight into the fleet as a whole, letting you know exactly which riders are habitual speeders or risky drivers. Once you know which riders are accidents waiting to happen, the system lets you zero in on their exact safety issues, bringing a new efficiency and focus to your driver training and driver safety programmes.

driving habitsSafety Telematics for Delivery

Even more important, the telematics data is 100% transparent for the riders. They can check their own safety scores and trends often, and use the system’s personalized advice and safety tips to self-train.

In addition, GreenRoad has a built-in engagement platform that has been proven to incentivise rider safety. The system’s safety scores and rankings encourage “friendly competition,” and fleet managers can raise the ante with bonuses, awards and acknowledgement. As proven in fleets throughout the world for more than a decade, improved driver behaviour translates into fewer preventable accidents, boosted morale, improved fleet performance – and long-term protection for the company’s reputation.

Beyond tracking, the GreenRoad platform empowers a proactive approach towards policy compliance. The system sends out alerts when riders exceed allowed hours of service or maximum riding times. At the same time, using advanced AI to analyse the telematics programme’s data, the system identifies areas of potential risk for the riders and their vehicles, and suggests ways to mitigate risks via changes in navigation or behavior. This helps fleets stay compliant – while also demonstrating concretely to regulators their intention to remain compliant.

From a fleet operations perspective, the fact that GreenRoad is an app-based telematics device makes it fast and easy to roll out for thousands of riders. It integrates fully with existing company apps, providing a single-sign-on capability that launches both simultaneously. Available in multiple languages, it is easy to learn for riders anywhere in the world.

Protecting Your Brand = Protecting Your Riders

Perhaps the most important advantage of deploying GreenRoad Rider Safety Telematics is the clear message it sends to the riders themselves: “We care about you, and we care about your safety.” This helps fleets attract and retain the best riders, a scarce commodity in today’s competitive marketplace.

Taken as a whole, it’s a win-win-win proposition: riders who feel cared for, a reputation that is protected – and safer roads for all.

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