Stagecoach Exceeds Fleet Management Sustainability Goals

Stagecoach Exceeds Fleet Management Sustainability Goals

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GreenRoad helps Stagecoach consistently exceed challenging sustainability goals.

We have a system that is easy to use and that rewards continued excellent driving. As well as cutting fuel and emissions, GreenRoad is reducing wear-and-tear on our vehicles…
Robert Andrew, Regional Director-South, Stagecoach Group


One of the world’s largest public transport groups turned to GreenRoad to help it improve safety and to meet challenging emission reduction goals. The actual results have far exceeded its expectations.

In the UK, Stagecoach Group operates approximately 8,400 buses from England’s south coast to Scotland’s most remote islands, carrying ~2.5 million passengers each day.

For the past decade, one of Stagecoach’s key goals has been to improve the sustainability of its operations, including the significant reduction of its fleet transport CO2 emissions. When it first launched its emissions reduction programme, Stagecoach set its target at 3%.

Recognising the difficulty of achieving such an ambitious aim, Stagecoach turned to GreenRoad to provide needed tools. In addition, it hoped that use of the GreenRoad Platform would enable it to reduce fuel consumption, to decrease vehicle wear and tear, and to enhance passenger comfort and safety.


After a thorough search of the market, we selected the GreenRoad Driver Safety platform as the right solution for our needs. We were particularly impressed by its unique real-time feedback system, which would enable our drivers to independently ‘catch’ and improve their own driving errors, with little need for management intervention. The system seemed easy to learn, use and understand – we could imagine our drivers using it and even appreciating it.

Robert Andrew, Regional Director-South, Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach deployed GreenRoad in its buses across 116 depots, and backed it up with a programme of training, ongoing monitoring and an incentive scheme. “Our managers began taking advantage of GreenRoad’s practical tools for identifying and rooting out idling and other fuel-wasting behaviours. This translated into an immediate additional reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, compounded by the savings we began to experience in vehicle wear-and-tear – for example by extending the life of brakes. And passengers were complementing drivers on the smoother rides.”

In addition, in 2020 Stagecoach partnered with GreenRoad to help it develop technology for preventing low bridge strikes, a significant problem for England’s double-decker buses. “It’s hard for people from other countries to understand the extent of this problem,” added Mr. Andrew. “According to Network Rail, there are 40 to 50 bridge strikes from buses each year, resulting in tragic – preventable – loss of life and limb. GreenRoad’s excellent system will alert our drivers in time to prevent disaster.”

Read more about the solution at Stagecoach website.

THE Result

Since implementing GreenRoad, Stagecoach UK’s driver safety risk has dropped by 60%, and fuel consumption has declined by 4%, surpassing the original target.

“We are proud that 20% of our drivers have earned GreenRoad’s prestigious Fleet Elite status – four times the number we originally expected,” added Mr. Andrew. “By collaborating closely with the executive team, employees and the Unite and RMT trade unions, we have achieved excellent results: reduced emissions, driving that is safe and continuing to become safer, happier passengers and lower expenses – all due to a system that is easy to use and well-accepted by our drivers.”

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Photo credit: Fraser Band