XMO uses GreenRoad Driver Safety & Engagement tools to reduce its driving risk.

Xmo Strata Sign Engineer, Paul Slater and SHEQ Auditor, Lawrence Allen have been given driving safety awards by the GreenRoad Fleet Elite scheme, which uses in-vehicle technology to provide a computerised record of driver behavior.

These independently-assessed accolades follow several initiatives that Xmo Strata has implemented to control its employees’ driving risk of driving. Several years ago, they implemented proactive drivers’ license monitoring, and its staff has attended several training courses, including a safe driving course run by RoSPA, skid and ABS braking training conducted off-road on an airfield. In 2015, Xmo Strata implemented a vehicle tracking initiative that measurably improved its performance as a business, and later developed a 20-module XmoHub online complementary training module.

Since implementing a driver performance tracking system and providing feedback to drivers, the number of potentially unsafe events that the system tracks has substantially dropped, from 2.43 events per hour to 0.89 events per hour.


Photo credit: XMO Strata