The GreenRoad Drive™ App for Motorcycles

Quick to deploy – easy to use.

Reduce Accidents, Increase Control

The GreenRoad Drive™ App for Motorcycles is an end-to-end solution for reducing accidents, minimizing risk, and gaining real-time visibility into your entire motorcycle fleet. Its real-time tools help you match the right driver to the job, streamlining your operations while improving control and security.

The Greenroad Drive™ App For Motorcycles Provides:

Real-Time Fleet Tracking For Managers

Fleet managers use GreenRoad’s Central(tm) to track the safety and location of all fleet drivers, optimize resource allocation and improve control.

Driver Engagement

Gamified driver scoring, award schemes and personalized coaching motivate safer, more responsible driving.

Driver Coaching

Drivers can review their own Safety Scores and trip records, and access personalized safety tips, trends and insights.


Managers can use the GREENROAD CENTRAL™ portal to track the safety and  location of all motorcycle drivers – along with any other drivers using the GreenRoad Platform – and to discover fleet trends and insights.