Manage and Protect Your Many Moving Parts

Construction fleets face complex challenges: multiple job sites, heavy demands on equipment, and high workforce turnover. GreenRoad gives you the fleet intelligence to bring it all together:


Boost Your Bottom Line

With GreenRoad, you can cut operational costs across your workforce without cutting quality:

  • Track arrival and departure from project sites to determine construction fleet utilization and timesheet.
  • Reduce excessive idling and other fleet fuel-wasting driving habits on the way to construction sites, in the yard, or on service calls.
  • Reduce insurance premiums by improving safety, reducing risk, preventing false claims, and recovering stolen assets.


GreenRoad Construction Fleet Tracking Features

  • Manage your construction fleet from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Increase fleet driver retention and accelerate training of new employees.
  • Enforce restrictions on hours of operation and access areas.
  • Reduce construction fleet downtime with predictive maintenance alerts.
  • Improve fleet driver performance.
  • Defend against fraudulent claims.
  • Help recover stolen construction assets.

Case Study: Forrest

Forrest needed to save money on fleet fuel costs while improving the a safety of their technicians. With GreenRoad fleet construction tracking, the company realized a significant reduction in risk driving as well gained new insights into fleet fuel usage that would lower costs.

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