Asset Tracker

Improve your utilization and control
over trailers and expensive field equipment

Smart Tracking Solution

GreenRoad’s integrated asset tracking solution provides real-time visibility into the location of assets used in remote operations, helping fleet managers:

  • Maximize the utilization of expensive equipment
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Improve asset security
  • Reduce operational costs
Fully equipped for independent operation
  • GreenRoad’s Asset Tracking solution is designed to support multi-year independent operation.
  • It is a battery operated, non-rechargeable device that can run up to 7 years when communicating one message per day.
  • It supports quick and easy installations on the exterior or interior of any mobile asset, it comes with a sealed and rugged enclosure.



  • It communicates independently using built-in internal cellular and GPS antennas.
  • It supports flexible over-the-air updates for optimized configuration flexibility.
  • It detects mobile asset movement with internal accelerometer to highlight exceptions.
One place to see all your assets

With an integrated view of all fleet mobile assets and workforce, dispatchers and operations manager can allocate resources in confidence, resulting in improved service levels and higher customer satisfaction.