Dashboards, Fleet Tools, & Reports

Actionable Insight into Every Fleet Driver, Vehicle, and Trip

Dashboard ReportsGreenRoad Central is the hub for your entire fleet performance management program. Our easy-to read charts help you quickly get visibility into your entire fleet, from the broad trends down to the details of individual fleet driver and vehicle trips.

Identify Fleet Safety and Fleet Fuel Trends

With just a few clicks, you can access an overview of fleet safety and fleet fuel consumption trends, including driver and vehicle safety scores, risky driving behaviors demonstrated by a large number of drivers, distribution charts, and more.

Drill Down to Individual Fleet Drivers and Vehicles

See safety scores, risky behaviors, idling rate, fuel consumption, and more for individual fleet drivers and vehicles. Review data from specific trips to gain additional context on time delays, accidents, or customer complaints.


Track Fleet Drivers and Vehicles and Find the Best Person for the Job

Make faster, better decisions with real-time visibility of your vehicles and drivers locations and statuses, as well as traffic conditions that might impact scheduled trips and tasks. Our fleet resource locator also gives you a filterable, real-time view of your entire fleet to make more informed dispatch decisions and improve service and customer satisfaction.

Dashboard ReportsFind Fleet Safety and Idling Hotspots

Risky driving and excessive idling can both cost fleet-based companies a great deal of money. Our dashboard helps you identify times and places where your fleet is more likely to experience safety or idling events so you can set routes and policies that mitigate these problems.

See Fleet Key Performance Indicators at a Glance

Quickly see all your driver, fleet, and organizational safety KPIs and scores with our easy-to-read charts. At the same time, instantly track your progress toward better fuel efficiency with fleet fuel usage and idling KPI charts.

View and Share Reports

GreenRoad gives you the ability to instantly generate, view, schedule and share more than 40 reports, including:

  • Fleet Safety: Deleted Safety Events Log, Driver’s Log, Driver’s Safety Summary, Events Log, Fleet Speed Events Log, Org Units Safety Summary, Posted Speed Events Log, Trips Log, Unassociated Trips Log, Unassociated Trips by Vehicle, Vehicle Safety Score Analysis, Vehicles Log, Vehicles Safety Summary, Weekly Speed Pack
  • Fleet Fuel and Fleet Idling: Deleted Idling Events Log, Distance by State, Distance by State, Detailed Log, Drivers Fuel and Idling Summary, Excessive Fuel Purchases Suspects, Idling Events Log, Org Units Fuel and Idling Summary, Suspected Fuel Card Loaning, Vehicles Fuel and Idling Summary, Weekly Idling Pack
  • Fleet Operations: Detailed Engine Hours Status, Documents Expiration Date, Driver Timesheet, Engine Hours Summary, Mobileye Tampering Events Log, Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Events, Start/End Day, Vehicle Health Faults Log, Vehicle Health Summary
  • Fleet Tracking: Landmarks Summary, Location History, Route Reconstruction, Stops Log, Trips and Stops
  • General: Alerts Log, Weekly Report Pack

Manage Your Fleet Drivers, Vehicles, and Policies More Easily

GreenRoad provides a streamlined way to add fleet vehicles, users, and other organizational information, set up geo-fencing, see fuel card reporting, generate vehicle health reports, set up company policies for speeding and idling thresholds, and more.