Fuel & Idling Optimization

Identify locations of excessive idling
to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Drive Your Way to Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is a major operating expense for every fleet, no matter how large or small. GreenRoad helps you reduce your fuel bills by up to 30% by alerting drivers during risky, fuel-wasting driving behaviors like sharp braking, rapid acceleration, and high-speed driving.



Help Drivers See Their Own Fuel Consumption

Drivers can view details of their current or past driving performance and idling habits while managers can keep an eye on trends as they develop to help keep fuel budgets on track. Analyze and run reports based on region, driver, or vehicle using the following measurements:


  • Fuel efficiency and trends
  • Fuel consumption
  • Idling rates and trends


Set Intelligent Fuel Goals for Impressive Results

Fleet managers can reduce fuel costs by setting fuel consumption budgets, idling rate goals and target fuel efficiency rates. Tailor goals by region or team and provide managers and drivers with actionable steps for success.

Reduce Idling Costs

For many fleets, vehicle idling burns through profits at a rapid rate. GreenRoad helps you identify when and where your fleet wastes fuel by idling, so you can resolve the underlying issues.

Stop Fuel Theft

Integrate fuel card purchase data with GreenRoad to quickly uncover and address fuel purchase irregularities. Flag purchases that exceed vehicle fuel tank capacity or do not match fuel tank levels or vehicle location.

Stay in Compliance

GreenRoad makes it easy to submit International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) forms. Create summarized or detailed mileage reports for each driver and vehicle by state.