GreenRoad Connect™ Telematics Unit

Continuously monitor engine performance
to enable a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Operational Data - Straight from the Engine

GreenRoad Connect™ is a robust and proven family of in-vehicle telematics devices that track vehicle location, motion, performance and condition.

GreenRoad Connect™ devices are designed to support an extensive range of automotive applications – from enterprise location to vehicle finance – for all types of connected vehicles.

GreenRoad Connect™ - For All Types of Vehicles

GreenRoad Connect™ comes in two ‘flavors’:

Small form-factor: a compact, cost-effective model designed for use in light-duty vehicles (e.g. consumer cars, vans, etc.)

Extended I/O: a larger, extended I/O model designed for use in both heavy-duty (e.g. trucks and buses) and light-duty vehicles. Its diagnostic interface provides an accurate, real-time picture of vehicle fuel consumption, performance and health.

Actionable Intelligence

GreenRoad Connect™ automatically transmits vehicle information to a central controller when pre-defined threshold conditions are breeched (over cellular or local networks). This accurate intelligence enables you to address fundamental vehicle issues and to improve the performance of the fleet as a whole.

Reliable & Standard-Compliant

The tracking devices used by GreenRoad Connect™ are the industry’s de-facto standard. They have been deployed in thousands of vehicle models throughout the world and additional models are added continuously. It is fully compliant with the standards implemented in both light-duty and heavy- duty vehicles:

  • OBDII (for light-duty vehicles): the physical interface as defined by SAE standard J1962 as well as communications standards J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230, KWP 2000 and ISO-15765 CAN.
  • J1708 and J1939 (for heavy-duty vehicles)