Landmark - Geofence-Related Notifications

Give drivers the specific safety information and instructions they need
– exactly when and where they need it

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Virtual Fences, Real Control

Landmarks and Geofencing helps you improve your control over fleet movements, reduce operational expenses, and provide your drivers with special instructions and coaching – exactly when they need it.

Once you mark areas of interest, you can:
  • Track movements in and around the area
  • Monitor driver entry and exit from specific areas
  • Measure time spent at the office, warehouse locations, and customer and construction project sites
  • Discover unauthorized fleet vehicle usage
  • Track arrivals and departures to worksites or construction projects
  • Limit fleet travel and vehicle usage to specific areas
  • Automatically provide voice notifications when the driver enters or exits the area (or is inside or outside of it)
    Examples: ‘Blind corner approaching – take special care’ – ‘Make sure to sign in with the depot administrator’


  • Set special speed limits for GreenRoad to use in its real-time coaching and Safety Score calculations (usually lower than the ‘legal’ speed). This makes it possible to establish an extremely detailed framework for driving speeds: a framework that meets the organization’s unique safety and operational requirements on a street-by-street and area-by-area basis – and then enforce the speed limits automatically (via GreenRoad’s real-time voice and visual feedback mechanisms)
Simple to Set Up and Manage

GreenRoad makes it easy to set up and manage your landmarks – whether using our maps and data or your own:

  • Identify areas of concern for which you would like to establish special policies. GreenRoad’s Fleet Trip History, Fleet Live Map and Fleet Hotspot reports are useful for identifying areas of particular security or idling risk


  • Set up the voice messages you want to play when the driver approaches or exits each area (or is inside or outside a specific border)
  • The GreenRoad Platform uses Text-to-Voice technology to turn the text into a voice message, and then plays it at the right time