Start Inhibit

Your Key to Authorized Driving

Many buses are fitted with an ignition Start Button that enables a convenient keyless start of the engine. With no need for keys or codes, Start Buttons allow anyone to start and drive a vehicle without providing authorization.

Recently, however, terrorist attacks have heightened awareness of the dangers inherent in the Start Button. The terrorists have taken cynical advantage of the feature to enable them to steal cars and trucks that they subsequently used as weapons to mow down pedestrians. As a result, regulators (including TFL – Transport for London and others) and a number of major bus operators have looked for ways to restrict the operation of Start Buttons to authorized personnel that don’t reduce their convenience.

In response, GreenRoad has launched an innovative, OEM independent Start Inhibit solution. The new technology is based on the GreenRoad solution’s driver-to-vehicle association mechanism.


How Does It Work?
  • Authorized drivers carry a small Key Fob with a unique ID for identification.
  • When a driver enters a bus at the beginning of a shift, they tap the Key Fob against a special receptacle on the dash. The receptacle sends a signal to GreenRoad Central™ to compare the ID with its database of authorized drivers.
  • Once authorized, the driver is associated with this specific bus for the entire shift. Then GreenRoad sends a signal to a control relay unit which enables the Start Button to be activated for several minutes.
  • Without this signal, the Start Button is inhibited and unavailable for unauthorized users.