The Ripple Effect Of Safe Driving

The safe, smooth and conservative driving style empowered by GreenRoad drives a dramatic reduction in collisions, fuel consumption and ongoing fleet expenses, resulting in a rapid system payback period.

The Ripple Effect Of Safe Driving

~10% improvement in fuel efficiency, 88% reduction in incidents

“If you get driver behavior correct, you see a direct correlation between a safer driver and
a more fuel-efficient driver…”
Rory Morgan, Head of Logistics Support


Over 50% reduction in collisions

“GreenRoad has revolutionized the way we keep our employees safe.”
Liz Kim, Country Head Singapore


40% reduction in preventable incidents, 3% reduction in fuel consumption

“We were looking for a way to reduce our collisions, improve our insurance reserves, and to give our customers a smoother ride.”
Andrew Edwards, Managing Director


71% reduction in cost-of-claims, 32% reduction in number of claims

“Immediately after installing GreenRoad, our vehicle accidents dropped precipitously.”
Dave Wright, EVP Operations


Rolled out GreenRoad Drive™ app for 1000's of employees and contractors in 70+ countries in 12 months

“Over a period of 18 months, we saw a staggering change in the way our employees drive.”
Jim Andrews, VP HSE


Reduced risk, hands-off safety management for both employees and contractors

“It’s easy to use and it works. Using GreenRoad, we’ve moved from monitoring our drivers to mentoring; from catching to coaching.”
Emerssen Close, Motor Vehicle Safety Advisor


60% reduction in safety risk, 4% reduction in fuel consumption

“As well as cutting fuel and emissions, GreenRoad is reducing wear-and-tear on our vehicles…”
Robert Andrew, Regional Director-South


27% reduction in accidents, 5% reduction in fuel consumption

“GreenRoad’s Risk Scores are simple but motivating: no one wants to see their name at the bottom of a list.”
Phil Pannell, Service Delivery Director


10% reduction in fuel consumption, 70% improvement in risk

“Once we realized that the system would pay for itself through fuel savings alone, the decision was easy.”
Tiago Da Costa, Central Operations Managers