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Passenger Transport - Customer Story

Alpine Travel has used GreenRoad to reduce own-fault accident damage, fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

GreenRoad is remarkably easy for drivers to use and to understand.

Jason Beattie, General Manager


Llandudno-based Alpine Travel is the largest independently owned bus and coach operator in North Wales. A family business with approximately 145 vehicles, Alpine Travel runs buses on local authority school contracts and remainder the remainder of the fleet is made up of coaches employed on a mixture of private hire, tour and excursion work, including vehicles chartered to tour operators. It also operates open-top sightseeing buses on the Llandudno & Conwy tour, as well as a selection of vintage coaches. Also, as a member of the Confederation of Passenger Transport, and Coach Marque, Alpine is a keen supporter of People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism.

Alpine Travel’s main corporate objective is to run a safer operation and reduce exposure to risk. This is what prompted Alpine Travel to investigate what GreenRoad had to offer, says General Manager Jason Beattie. “We also wanted to cut fuel consumption and reduce the wear and tear on our vehicles,” he explains.

The Solution

Alpine Travel, considered alternative solutions but in the end selected GreenRoad. One reason was that GreenRoad has the advantage of being remarkably easy for drivers to use and to understand, says Beattie. “They can engage with it,” he observes. “It allows them to look at their own performance and coach themselves in many cases.”

Having decided to go with the GreenRoad solution has now deployed GreenRoad’s full driver behavior and fleet performance suite across its entire fleet.

Introducing GreenRoad to our fleet has benefited us without a shadow of a doubt. We’re very glad that we took the decision to do so. We’ve certainly seen a reduction in accidents, and in own-fault accident damage in particular. Our fuel consumption has fallen too along with vehicle wear and tear.

said Jason Beattie, Alpine Travel’s General Manager.

The Result

Since deploying GreenRoad, Alpine has seen a reduction in accidents, and own-fault accident damage. Alpine’s fuel consumption has also fallen along with vehicle wear and tear.

“Generally the drivers were positive, although some were initially skeptical,” Beattie stated. “However their skepticism was soon overcome. Two drivers got down to a safety score of just one, one scored two, five scored three, two scored four and four scored five,” Beattie reports.

Such dedication to high driving standards has led Alpine to develop an incentive program. “We have a bonus scheme that allows drivers to earn extra income every month, and half of that potential bonus is related to their GreenRoad performance,” Beattie explains.

Alpine runs an in-house training school that, along with GreenRoad, helps ensure that the high standards set by its driving workforce are maintained. It has now virtually completed a program to train all its drivers so that they meet the requirements of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).