Coach Services PASSENGER TRANSPORT - Customer Story

Coach Services

Passenger Transport - Customer Story

GreenRoad has helped Coach Services improve efficiency, reduce risk, enhance passenger safety and reduce its carbon footprint.

GreenRoad gives us a unique selling point: we can demonstrate our safety record and show concrete data about how our rides are more comfortable.

Robert Crawford, Transport Manager


Since 1947, Coach Services Ltd. has been providing transport services for Thetford (UK) and the surrounding areas. It runs depots in Thetford and Dereham in Norfolk, UK with a fleet of ~40 buses and coaches providing local services, school trips, private hire and continental travel.

Initially, Coach Services came to GreenRoad looking for a solution that would help it increase efficiency, reduce risk, demonstrate passenger safety and reduce its carbon footprint. To begin the software evaluation, phase Coach Services sought the assistance of insurance broker Belmont International to help identify the best solution available for managing driver and fleet risk. After a lengthy search and evaluation, Belmont International recommended GreenRoad to assist with driver safety, risk reduction and cost containment.

The Solution

After rolling out the driver safety program across the company Coach Services found that the initial driver resistance to the technology quickly turned to enthusiasm. “Our drivers’ initial reaction was that they already know how to drive well. They were skeptical that there was room for improvement. But GreenRoad challenged them to drive differently (and safer) by understanding their vehicle – and they themselves could see the huge impact that resulted from small improvements and fine-tuning of driving style,” said Robert Crawford, Transport Manager at Coach Services.

Our team of drivers has risen to the challenge and changed their driving for the better. In particular they are now better at planning ahead and anticipating events such as slowing down sooner for roundabouts and corners.

The Result

Both Belmont and Coach Services were thrilled with the results achieved during an initial 30-day blind profiling period. At the beginning, Coach Services recorded a high average safety score of 60 risky manoeuvrer for every 10 hours of driving. Once GreenRoad driver feedback was switched on, this figure dropped to an average of 20 within just weeks – a 67% reduction.

We are thrilled with the results. We have a unique selling point that we can demonstrate our safety record, showing passengers concrete data about how rides are more comfortable, and proving that we are reducing our carbon footprint.

commented Robert Crawford, Transport Manager.

In addition to improved driving standards, Coach Service’s fuel efficiency has soared by 11%, representing an enormous saving and surpassing Coach Services’ expectations about the return on investment. Furthermore, Belmont now has access to detailed Coach Services driving information, making it far easier to predict fleet risk and offer specific risk management interventions. This greatly helps Belmont and Coach Services negotiate better insurance premiums and terms with insurers.

We are thrilled with the results,” continued Crawford. “As the only operator in the area with GreenRoad’s service, we have the opportunity to grow our business, particularly with local schools. Thanks to GreenRoad, we can demonstrate our safety record, show how rides are now more comfortable for passengers, and prove that we are reducing our carbon footprint. These safety and environmental messages resonate with teachers and parents as well as other potential customers.”