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Romania’s Autonom Uses GreenRoad to Deliver its “Safety First” Promise

By using the GreenRoad Drive, Autonom Limousines has improved its high-quality service and maintained its market-leading position. GreenRoad’s Drive™ App has allowed Autonom’s chauffeurs to reduce risk scores by 90%, prevent accidents, and minimize fuel consumption in under 6 months.


For Autonom, Romania’s largest mobility group, differentiating its chauffeur luxury services in a highly competitive market has been a top priority. Given the extreme safety challenges of Romania’s roads, the company has taken a “Safety First” approach, which it backs with ongoing investment in driver training and technology. Autonom was in need of a cost-effective solution that would allow them to pair safety statistics with specific drivers, allowing them to monitor individual performance.

Based on the recommendation of its own client, SLB, Autonom reached out to GreenRoad and chose to deploy GreenRoad Drive™, a driver safety app, for the chauffeurs of its luxury services division.

We recognized that such an investment would demonstrate our no-compromise approach to safety, while giving us insight into driver locations and behavior,” commented Roxana Floroiu, Autonom Drive’s Operational Manager. “We were confident that it could help our drivers achieve exceptional safety standards, identify outliers whose performance was below par, and maintain our premium position in the market.”


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Safety First approach using GreenRoad as a business differentiator for Autonom (as presented in their website-


To implement GreenRoad Drive™, the company’s chauffeurs simply downloaded the app from the app stores, and then participated in an onboarding session explaining the system’s rationale and operation. Once active, the app initiates trips when the driver is in motion, providing visual and audio feedback in real-time to prevent incidents. This in-the-moment approach led to the drivers developing a proactive and preventive “think-ahead” behavior, resulting in safer, more comfortable rides.

To further incentivize safe driving, Autonom has initiated a competition recognizing top-performing drivers based on the GreenRoad Safety Score. Beyond the “bragger’s rights” the drivers appreciate, the company gives a sizeable cash prize to the fleet’s three top performers. By enabling this friendly competition, GreenRoad Drive motivates drivers to prioritize safety and comfort for Autonom passengers and builds a culture of safety.


  • Decreased risk: During the first six months, Autonom Drive achieved a 90% reduction in safety incidents, a remarkable statistic they have continued to maintain. This has correlated directly with decreased incidents and expenses.
  • Reduced damage and fuel expenses: The reduction in safety incidents has led to reduced damage to vehicles. In addition, there have been month-on-month reductions in fuel consumption.
  • Insights that count: Autonom uses GreenRoad’s data and insights as a benchmark for high- or low-performing drivers and as a qualification standard for new drivers:
    • New driver qualification:  For new drivers, GreenRoad serves as a qualifying standard to decide if the driver is a match for Autonom’s high safety standards.
    • Accurate and granular visibility: GreenRoad provides accurate, real-time location tracking for drivers, ensuring all passenger pickups go as planned.
  • Brand differentiation and customer experience: Autonom uses GreenRoad as a market differentiator to boost customer satisfaction – by making sure each driver is punctual and professional and every ride is safe and smooth. Their target market has come to understand that in utilizing GreenRoad solutions, Autonom both values safety and is doing everything it can to ensure it.


Ms. Floroiu concluded, “Based on the excellent results so far, we are looking to expand GreenRoad across the group. We’re currently trialing the system for other divisions. This will help us improve safety across the board, differentiating our services and giving us clear visibility into fleet risk and driver behavior.


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