Chevron Canada Driving Safety Case Study

Chevron Canada

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GreenRoad’s safety app helps Chevron Canada reduce the risks of its road operations – both for its own employees and contractors.

It’s easy – it’s easy to use and it works. Using GreenRoad, we’ve moved from monitoring our drivers to mentoring; from catching to coaching.

Emerssen Close, Motor Vehicle Safety Advisor


Driver safety is a key concern of Chevron Canada, whose workers drive over 100,000 kilometers per month, carrying heavy equipment and volatile materials in all types of terrain and weather conditions.

However, when Emerssen Close, Chevron Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Advisor, set out to find an IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) that covered his needs, he was surprised by how hard it was to find a suitable system.

“First, almost all of the available solutions had components that had to be hard-wired into the vehicle. Besides adding up-front installation costs, this meant they were irrelevant for use by our contractors, who don’t use Chevron cars, meaning that we wouldn’t have insight into their driving habits and risk,” explained Mr. Close.

“Even more important, most systems were aimed at ‘catching’ drivers, not ‘coaching’ them. At Chevron, we believe in the ‘learn and improve’ approach to driver behavior: we wanted to move from monitoring our drivers to mentoring them, getting them to the point where they prevented incidents long before they happened. We didn’t want to catch an error, and then wait two weeks to give them a lecture.

When our colleagues at Schlumberger told us about GreenRoad’s all-digital, app-based Safety Telematics system, we saw that it would be a really good fit. We carried out a trial and saw that it had the potential to reduce our risk and accidents, and kept us in control of both company employees and contractors.


Mr. Close continued, “I honestly believe that with the GreenRoad solution we’re using tomorrow’s technology today.”

  • All-digital system: “We’ve got a plug-and-play integrated system that utilizes the technology already in our people’s phones – the phones that are glued to their hips, that they don’t leave home without. Since it’s all in the app, we don’t have to worry about upcycling trucks or software: no install costs or removal costs.”
  • Unified monitoring platform for all workers, including contractors: “Since we can use GreenRoad as an IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) for all of our workers – whether they drive Chevron-owned vehicles or their own trucks – we’re able to gain insight and manage the risk of our entire workforce, across the board.”
  • Driver self-coaching: “The ability to have a system that coaches drivers to change their driving before performing serious events – that’s a really big win. This is what we mean by ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ – it’s a preventative approach, and it makes all the difference.”
  • Streamlined management tools: “Using GreenRoad, it’s easy for our leaders to evaluate the risk their team presents in real-time, whenever they want. With previous systems, leaders had to wade through reports. Now, the team’s risk score is the first thing leaders see when they log in. This has been one of the biggest wins from a workload perspective: we don’t have to filter through worksheets every week or month to find the risk – all a leader has to do is to open the app, and the risk score is right there.”

THE Result

Mr. Close explained the ways that GreenRoad’s insights have changed the way his department operates:

    • More hands-off safety management: “We’re not pulling reports, we’re not filtering spreadsheets or trying to dig through data. We’re looking at what the data is telling us and shaping our conversations around the data. We feel that the system is working for us, versus us working for the system.”
    • Improved training: “We use the insights the system gives us to have pinpoint conversations on targeted risk, whether that’s with an entire team or just an individual. Our drivers are all responding to the coaching- they’re responding to the system.”

When colleagues ask me about the system, I say ‘It’s easy – It’s easy to use, and it works. This is tomorrow’s technology, and we’re using tomorrow’s technology today. We’re using the devices that everybody has – we’re using the phones that the company issues every single employee – and we’re using them to achieve a whole new level of safety, reducing the risk of our riskiest operations. GreenRoad provides a superior product, and second-to-none customer service. We are very pleased.

Photo credit: 2019 Chevron Corporate Sustainability Report