Oil & Gas, Hazmat - Customer Story

The Solution

Schlumberger rolled out the GreenRoad DRIVE™ app across its fleet for thousands of employees and contractors throughout the world in 12 months.

Schlumberger, a global provider of oil and gas field services which operates in over 70 countries, selected GreenRoad to help it bring the digital revolution to its road safety activities. During 2020, it deployed GreenRoad’s Driver Self-Coaching mobile app and IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) Driver Monitoring/Training solutions for many thousands of drivers – both company employees and contractors.

Schlumberger’s selection of GreenRoad reflected a number of differentiating factors, including:

  • Availability of an advanced digitalized real-time driver feedback system
  • Single platform solution for both safety and operations: the same platform that Schlumberger uses to track the safety of its drivers contributes to its fleet operational needs, including routing, resource allocation optimization and more.
  • Ability to integrate other useful information for the driver (e.g. Waze information and weather conditions

The Result


Photo credit: from the Schlumberger Global Stewardship Report,

“Driving is the single most dangerous thing we do,” explained Jim Andrews, Schlumberger’s VP for Health, Safety and Environment, as quoted in the Journal of Petroleum Technology’s coverage of the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

“For years, Schlumberger has sent our new-hires to driving centers to learn how to drive safely. In the process, we have collected terabytes of data that we don’t use. We went out to see what was available to help us use all that data, and we found a company called GreenRoad that had developed a mobile app that allow drivers to use their mobile phones to monitor how they drive, every time they get behind the wheel. The app provides commentary and proactive advice and integrates Waze information and weather conditions.

“Over a period of 18 months, we’ve seen a staggering change in the way employees are driving – and this is a company that has always taken a great deal of pride in our driving performance. All a driver has to do is plug in the destination and focus on driving; the technology does everything else.”

Based on the success of the program, Schlumberger is now partnering with GreenRoad to develop additional applications.

To hear Jim Andrews speaking about the GreenRoad Digital Driver Safety Platform and its success in reducing its road risk, click here