Philip Morris Singapore

GreenRoad Drive™ has helped Philip Morris Singapore reduce its accidents by 50%.

This is just the beginning for us. The nudge theory is key and remains pivotal.

Liz Kim, Country Head, Philip Morris Singapore


Although Philip Morris Singapore, Singapore’s leading tobacco company, has always prided itself on its safety and sustainability record, in 2018 it set out to take them to the next level.

Here at Philip Morris, our ambition is to be a true leader in sustainable practices,” commented Liz Kim, Philip Morris Singapore’s Country Head. “We believe in using technology and thoughtful program design to reach continually higher standards – and this led us to GreenRoad.


In 2018, Philip Morris Singapore deployed GreenRoad’s Driver Safety Platform across its fleet to encourage safer and more fuel-efficient driving styles.

Ms. Kim continued, “We liked GreenRoad’s ‘nudge theory’ approach: its use of positive reinforcement to encourage step-by-step change, incentivizing new driving behaviors that become habitual over time. Our drivers appreciated and responded to the program’s positive approach.”

Working in close collaboration with GreenRoad, Philip Morris installed a comprehensive GreenRoad Platform solution including the following components:

  • Real-time “coach-in-the-cab” driver feedback: real-time feedback provided via a dashboard-mounted LED panel helps Philip Morris employees prevent accidents before they happen. The panel displays “green” while driving is safe and smooth, but changes to yellow or red when it is risky.
  • Granular driver behavior data: GreenRoad identifies over 150 diffrent driving manoeuvres, including both “red” (severe) and “amber” (moderate) errors in the areas of braking, speeding, acceleration, lane changing and cornering. By analyzing this data, GreenRoad provides drivers with specific driving tips and coaching, empowering self-correction. In addition, this granular data can be used to support long-term safety and environmental planning.
  • User-friendly driver app: GreenRoad’s Drive™ app downloads onto drivers’ personal mobile phones, making it easy to check safety scores and personalised driving tips.
  • Driver engagement and “friendly competition”: GreenRoad’s safety scores promote the best kind of competition: “Who is the safest driver?”
  • Management dashboard – the GreenRoad Dashboard gives managers a KPI-based “finger-on-the-pulse” overview of fleet safety and operations, with full drill down into the details of the location and performance of individual engineers and vehicles.
  • GreenRoad training materials: Philip Morris worked with the GreenRoad support team to develop an effective driver and fleet management training program to help them use the system as fully and effectively as possible.

THE Result

“Use of GreenRoad has revolutionized the way we keep our employees safe,” continued Ms. Kim.

In the first year, implementation of this new technology reduced our traffic incident rate by more than 50%. Our drivers embraced it fully, recognizing how important it was for keeping them focused and getting them home safe each day.

Ms. Kim concluded, “This is just the beginning for us. The nudge theory is key and remains pivotal, and we plan to introduce GreenRoad’s excellent technology to our fleets in other parts of the world. We firmly believe that its human-centered approach to innovation – an approach that integrates the needs of our people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements of our business – anchors the sustainability foundation for the organization and moves us closer and closer to our safety vision.”


Photo credit: Philip Morris Singapore