Passenger Transport - Customer Story

11 years & counting: Transdev Blazefield continues to rely on GreenRoad, now more than ever.

It’s a win-win-win for us all: prestige and pride for the drivers, more efficient operations for us, safer, smoother journeys for our passengers – and safer roads for our families and communities.

Mr. Gordon Irvine, Transdev Blazefield’s Engineering Director


Lancashire’s Transdev Blazefield has been using GreenRoad for the past 11 years and has recently renewed its contract for another 3 years. Its managers credit the GreenRoad platform with enabling it to manage its drivers efficiently by exception and to keep them engaged and motivated.

Asked to explain what differentiates GreenRoad, Mr. Gordon Irvine, Transdev Blazefield’s Engineering Director, said, “All telematics systems gather enormous amounts of data, but too often it ends up being used as a doorstop. The sheer volume of the data makes it almost impossible to use.

What we appreciate about GreenRoad is the way it simplifies the presentation of information, making it easy to see exactly where action needed. It brings us genuine benefit: it’s easy to use – both for us and for our drivers. It presents the right information in the right way, so everybody is encouraged and motivated to use it. It gives us insights that help us continually fine-tune and improve our operations, turning big data into usable advice and tangible results. I’ve used many other systems over the past 30 years, but none match GreenRoad in this aspect.

The Solution

We benefit from GreenRoad’s total package: almost all of our personnel use some aspect of the system’s functions and data to improve their performance.

  • The Dashboard: “With GreenRoad’s dashboard, it’s extremely easy to see what’s happening. It presents the right information in the right way. Everyone can understand – drivers, managers and ops personnel. You can just see where the issues are – which is the holy grail, isn’t it?”
  • Driver Behaviour: “Our drivers are fully engaged with GreenRoad’s self-coaching, and it continues to help us keep our collisions and fuel consumption at a minimum. They take pride in their Risk Scores – and especially their Fleet Elite pin badges, which makes them feel part of a select global safe-driving club.”

Management uses the system to monitor driver behavior, zeroing in on exceptions at the earliest stages. “When we see issues, we’re able to intervene proactively before they develop into problems. Monitoring also enables us to reward great performance. When we see that our drivers have a good GreenRoad score with few harsh manoeuvres and little idling, we know that the driving is at a high level – that we’ve got comfortable customers as well as good fuel economy going.”

  • Ops Department: “Our ops guys have tracking on all the time to keep a finger on the pulse of the fleet and to provide a sanity check for our AVL ticketing machines. They also use GreenRoad to improve the accuracy of the data we get from our Icomera WiFi boxes and UTrack.”

The Result

Using GreenRoad, Transdev has reduced its driver-related incidents or accidents by more than 50%.
In addition, it has realized the following operational benefits:

  • Reduced insurance costs and premiums
  • Improved in-vehicle driver behavior
  • Improved driver retention and happiness
  • Lower fuel costs due to better driver performance
  • Lower fuel costs due to lower vehicle idling
  • Increased driver and fleet visibility
  • Improved live tracking and resource location
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs
  • Lower vehicle accident rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better interaction with driver


Photo credit: Transdev Blazefield