Pavlovich Coachlines

Passenger Transport - Customer Story

Pavlovich Coachlines uses GreenRoad to get driver buy-in for safe, fuel-efficient, passenger-pleasing driving.

We used to have complaints about the comfort of the ride and we had no real way of checking in. Now with GreenRoad, we get the opposite, we get compliments.

Bernard Pavlovich


When Bernard Pavlovich of New Zealand’s Pavlovich Coachlines first started looking for a telematics system for monitoring his drivers, he initially thought the goal was to save fuel and end speeding drivers. But he soon discovered that he was actually looking for something bigger than that.

“Over the years I had looked a number of times at GPS systems for buses, but I could not see the value. I could only see where the bus was on the map and I could see pages and pages of reports. I had enough paperwork to deal with already,” commented Mr. Pavlovich.

After I looked into five different telematics systems, I realized that this was a huge opportunity to provide our drivers with for creating a much better customer experience – a more comfortable ride and a feeling of safety. So what I was looking for was a system for changing driver behavior. We realized that better, safer driving would lead automatically to additional cost savings – and that this was the right way to approach the issue. This was a major change of mindset for us.

“We had plenty of suppliers talking about fuel consumption and reduction of costs, and better efficiency. But when one supplier said, ‘We can get your business performing safer, we can get your customers having a more comfortable trip, and by the way you’ll save on fuel along the way’ – we went ‘hallelujah.’ We went down the GreenRoad path, and the rest is history.”


GreenRoad monitors driver behaviour on a real-time basis and provides real-time feedback and coaching in time to prevent incidents. Use of the system encourages awareness of the road and a safer driving style. At the end of each driver’s shift, they are provided with a safety score based on the speed at which they drove, their control of the vehicle, their ability to stay in lane, and ongoing monitoring of unsafe braking and other manoeuvres. All these parameters are used as input to an algorithm that rates the driver.

Driver buy-in is very important and Pavlovich, aware of this, implemented the GreenRoad Platform slowly, benchmarking across the whole fleet.

THE Result

Pavlovich has achieved dramatic results through the use of GreenRoad:

  • 81% drop in speeding events: “We have seen an 81% drop in speeding infringements from the police. It’s huge. That was one of the scary things for us. It has been dramatic the change around, we get a speed report every day and we are able to go to the driver and say ‘did you realise?’. Also it helps when a driver goes on to a new or unaccustomed route, there will be transgressions and we can pick them up.”
  • Reduced incidents: “The fact that the system is proactive means that we can deal with an issue before it becomes major. This has reduced the number of collisions and other incidents.”
  • Customer satisfaction: “We used to have complaints about the comfort of the ride and we had no real way of checking in. Now with GreenRoad, we get the opposite, we get compliments.”
  • Cost savings: “We are seeing a fuel savings of more than 3%. In addition, we have reduced tyre wear. We are not going through so many brake linings because the drivers are now braking consistently, using the engine brakes more efficiently and not relying on the air brakes. Lower speed and a more efficient driving style means they don’t need to use the brakes so much.”