VideoSense™ Video Telematics

Use on-board cameras to gain
easy-to-access context for safety events

Next Generation Video Telematics

Get the context you need to find the root of safety issues, fast. GreenRoad’s in-vehicle VideoSense™ telematics captures footage of events that trigger safety warnings to give you deep visibility into the root cause of risky driving events.

Get to the Root of Fleet Safety Events

Video adds another dimension to the insights provided by your GreenRoad driver behavior data and safety scores.

Deep, closed-loop integration of video and contextual data enables a proactive approach to safety: something we refer to as “safety telematics”.

By integrating GreenRoad’s proven Driver Behavior platform with advanced video and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, GreenRoad is pioneering a new era of proactive safety, incident prevention and fleet cost reduction.

  • Help fleet drivers and fleet managers uncover root causes of unsafe driving events.
  • View the critical seconds directly before, during, and after safety events.
  • Go straight to needed footage for instigating an event – even weeks or months later.



  • Connect external road factors with driving behaviors to understand what is driver-correctable.
  • Discover and train for the driver skills that make the greatest impact.
  • Always-on recording allows organizations to retrieve any portion of a driver’s trip when necessary.
Protect Your Drivers, Fleet and Business
  • Recordings provide solid evidence to clear your driver of blame in cases of non-fault incidents. Make it easy to investigate events fully – even days or weeks later. Reduce collision costs. Decrease insurance premiums.
  • Cover your drivers in times of emergency or stress: provide a discrete Driver Button that starts cameras rolling immediately and sends out an alert.
Save Time and Resources

GreenRoad stores the video record together with all other data about an event, giving you “one-click” access that eliminates sifting through irrelevant footage. Eliminates the need to search through hours of footage to pinpoint the relevant 20 seconds!