GreenRoad helps SLB Canada stay collision-free – and win industry recognition

Our Drive™ app has helped SLB Canada stay 100% collision- and injury-free for 19 months, an achievement that has won it OHS Canada’s 2023 Best Use of Safety Technology” award.

Use of the on-board app is part of SLB’s comprehensive approach to improving its driving culture, including an ongoing educational program and a 24-hour Journey Management Center, which pre-approves trips, enforces mandatory rest periods and activates emergency responses when needed. In addition, SLB publishes a monthly list of the employees with the best GreenRoad Safety Scores, encouraging friendly competition around safe performance.  

As Chawki Koulache, SLB’s HSE Manager, Canada Land, said, “Driving is our #1 safety risk, and GreenRoad is helping us get our employees and contractors home safely every single day.”


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