Watch the Replay of GreenRoad’s Presentation at QBE’s Q Academy Webinar (Nov 10, 2021)

Learn from the safety expert!

On November 10th, GreenRoad’s Dougie Portwood was a featured speaker in QBE Insurance’s Q Academy webinar, discussing how fleets can use telematics to improve driver behavior, reduce accidents and improve fleet-related expenses.

We invite you to watch the replay! Just click on:

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • How to create a safety culture
  • The importance of real-time driver coaching
  • Gamification and driver buy-in
  • Singling out accident hotspots

The presenter was Dougie Portwood, GreenRoad’s Strategic Pre-Sale Manager. Dougie is a dedicated and passionate advocate of road safety with a focus for reducing road traffic incidents through a combination of technology, driver education and increased understanding. Born and raised in Glasgow and trained originally as a helicopter aviation engineer, Dougie has been a passionate advocate of driver education since becoming a qualified driver instructor in 1985. For 12 years he undertook the duties of being a Driver Examiner, with expertise in almost every category of license available in th eUK, from motorcycles to tracked vehicles and everything in between. During this time, his responsibilities included the role of Road Safety Officer, which required him to conduct investigations into all road traffic incidents. In the vast majority of cases the incidents could so easily have been avoided – and the loss of life and damage to property averted.

Dougie passionately believes we do not have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. If we look for the signs and act early, prevention is infinitely more efficient than cure.

In 2012, Dougie joined GreenRoad, working with both new and potential GreenRoad customers to help them understand the solution and to use the system to engage, encourage and improve the road safety and operational efficiency of their motor vehicle fleets.

 Enjoy the replay!


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