NAFA Webinar Focuses on The Connected Fleet (Archive)

In mid-2012 GreenRoad and Bobit fielded a study where a whopping 55% of respondents said that their company provides smartphones to some or all of their drivers. Clearly, smartphones have arrived in fleets. So, it is no surprise that connected fleets are moving to mobile.

On the market today are apps for dispatch, hours of service, delivery confirmation, and MRM and, from GreenRoad, driver performance management with advanced tracking.

Data shows what kind of impact drivers have on company operations, from bottom line items like crash-related expenses and fuel consumption; to environmental goals like emission reductions, or compliance issues; to customer satisfaction, such as passenger comfort for transportation companies or delivery time reliability for trucking; and of course, the company safety culture overall.

More and more, companies are realizing that for strong operational performance, it pays to focus on drivers. This webinar will focus on how fleet operators can dramatically change their driver behavior culture by deploying smartphone-based driver performance management apps. By putting the power to better understand their own driving behavior into the hands of each driver, fleet operators will realize a safer, more efficient fleet, providing better customer experience and reducing expenses and costs across the board.

Instructor: Dondi Dismer, Director of North American Sales Engineering

Time & Date: 17 Apr 2013, 5pm – 6pm GMT