Motivate safer driving using smart psychology,
friendly competition, recognition programs and more

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Make driving fun and competitive

For your safe driving program to succeed, it has to engage and motivate team members. GreenRoad gamifies the process of driving, tapping into your employees’ mental motivation and reward centers to create lasting engagement.

Here’s how it works:


  • In-the-moment feedback  rewards good driving behavior and enables self-correction  (motivation: improve game play)
  • Driver Safety Scores give employees objective ratings that they work to improve (motivation: beat a personal record)
  • Charts show personal vs. team scores to inspire friendly competition (motivation: beat the team score)
Leverage external rewards for even bigger results

Adding external rewards systems gives drivers even more incentive to engage. GreenRoad’s Safety Scores can be used as the basis for:

  • Ongoing or periodic incentive, awards and recognition programs (for example, best score or most improved driver)
  • Participation in GreenRoad’s prestigious Fleet Elite rewards program